Saturday, 14 July 2012


This morning was one of those mornings when you wake and feel worse than when you went to bed. So after a couple of hours of moping around the house trying to avoid doing the housework it was time to really avoid the house and head out into the garden. Instantly refreshing and the road to clearing the head ache, neck ache and genarally aching all over began.

It was to be a day of tidying up and geting ready for planting some new herbs.

Picking a mini cauliflower, just what I need for tomorrow nights dinner

picking the last of the capsicums on this plant that is now 3 yrs old. I will leave it until spring to cut it back - iy will then produce new shoots and capsicums (hopefully). I have had capsicum plants produce for 4 years before!

Frost bitten spinach - need to clean the old leaves off and wait for the new young leaves to grow for a few days.

The first of the broad Beans are flowering indicating some broad beans in a few weeks.

And finally I have managed to get one of the males here to get the drill and put some drain holes in the pots for the new herbs!!

After carting some dirt for the herb pots and planting some of the herbs it was time to have another look at a storage room that is full of my craft and sewing stuff. This was once all in order and tidy and easy to find what I wanted until my sone decided to move it all into the storage room and take my sewing/craft room for his bedroom!!. SOOOO I am having a big sort out and destash (facebook page - SEW Your Destashing - there are lots of pages like this one). So far I have moved out laces, fabric and folk art supplies. But there is a lot more to go - but bit by bit I will get it done.

Then into my mum's to have dinner with her and my visiting auntie and cousin, home again and I have no headache, no aches or pains, and I have sorted another box of fabrics and this blog post. Quite content now as a not so good looking day turned into quite a productive day.

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