Monday, 23 July 2012


Several weeks ago I had to go on a freezer pricing trip - always a bad mistake to do a pricing trip. I came home with a new chest freezer ( we were packing a whole beef which is not my favourite meat - un fact I can survive quite well without ever eating it - very much a lamb person), a new toater 9which is so slow) a new and bigger food saver (cryo vac) and a whizz bang Juicer. I didn't feel so down about packing a freezer full of beef after that!!
Anyhow, the juicer has sat in its box since then, so today whilst having a sort out of kitchen cupboards and fridge clean out, the juicer made its debut!!

from the fridge cleanout a bag of oranges, 2 bananas and 2 pears.

Instructions read, juicer assembled and ready to flick the switch!

Pulp to the right and...

Juice to the left!!

'Voila' - 2 litre of fresh juice - good enough that the grandchildren gave it the thumbs up this afternoon!!
So onwards we go and the trial and error of mixing the fruit and vegies!! At least now we can eliminate another lot of preservatives from our diet. And surprising the juice still has a certain amount of fibre in it which is really good.!

Any suggestions of fruit and vegie combinations any one!!

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