Thursday, 13 June 2013


My trip to Melbourne with my daughter is over and there were good results from her cardiac tests. All of the readings in the heart and lungs, and the camera views were all exactly the same as they were 20 years ago after her life saving, guinea pig surgery! Just shows how good her cardio thoracic team were back then and how the risks they took paid off. All is good here now!!

And I am extra pleased to be back in the open spaces - city lover I am not - no tall buildings here, minimal people around me, I can watch the clouds coming from afar and so on and so on!!!
I may be just lucky enough to be greeted with lots of blooms tomorrow morning when I make my way over to the pot house!! I hope so....

The plans for tomorrow and this weekend include more gardening and burning of rubbish (I am sure people from elsewhere bring their rubbish out here!!)
Along with the branches removed from the vegie garden a few weeks back these 2 monsters are going to be burnt. They are actually taller than I am!! They are roly polies that have rolled out of the ground a week ago and are resting next to my yard fence!!
In amongst more gardening I am hoping to set up several xmas items for 2 swaps I am participating in. Really looking forward to doing those.
Right now I am going to wash my 'away' clothes, make a cuppa and sneak a couple of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates that are sitting on my bench (I am hoping the MOTH bought them for me!!!lol). Then off to a lovely nights sleep in my OWN bed (no aches and pains in the morning!!
Cheers for now!!


  1. So glad everything is good for your daughter and welcome back to the countryside. No city life for me either, give me hay and hills any day.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. That's certainly good news then...
    Hope you enjoyed a good nights rest too... :)

  3. Great news for your daughter and you. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed is there.

  4. Pleased to hear good news.
    Enjoy the fresh country air :)


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