Sunday, 28 October 2012


How easy is it to get bogged down in something and suddenly a month has passed!! I didn't realise how long it had been since my las post - I have been very busy organising a community event with 3 other people. That event was yesterday and today I am just lazing about.
I did have a wander around our yard and found some beautiful surprises (and not so beautiful - bugs and weeds!!)

Above and below are photos of my favourite garden plants - the pelargonium family - they are always green and flower on and off all year

And the roses have all come out in bloom - I have missed this happening because I have been so focused on other things.

It seems all of the pastels are in flower - the reds have finished or some are just budding!

My second favourite bush are the roses - i can treat them hard but they still stay loyal to me!!

My favourite bush/shrub/tree of all time are the Callistemons - those that have flowered are covered in their striking brushes

I knew the mulberry tree was loaded and a few minutes this morning was spent moving around underneath having breakfast!!!

I still manage to get purple stains on my hands and around my mouth - but I do manage to keep my clothes stain free!! But who cares they are so.... nice....

Lots of mulberry jam and pies coming up over the next couple of weeks...... we have 3 smaller self seeded trees down the driveway that are loaded with fruit also!!

Not a good photo but BIG strawberries waiting for me this morning also.

vegies and seedlings have taken off..

my first tomato for the season and found a heap more tiny little tomoato fruit on the cherry tomato plants also

No idea what variety of rose bush this is but it is tucked away in a spot in the garden that only gets a little water and care but it is covered in blooms every year - I think it is a briar variety - very open blooms with not a lot of petals.
So now i am back inside thinking a nice afternoon nap is in order and then I will think about wht I am going to do this week - I am thinking a bit of crafting and gardening is in order - whatever I choose you can be assured it will be at home and relaxing and satisfying!!

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