Sunday, 26 March 2017

Just a Quck Catchup

Well I have finally found some time to do a quick post. Working full time these past few weeks has certainly taken its toll on my 'me' time!! All good  - my 'me' time will be back before I know it.

Last weekend we had a break from the weekly catch up stuff. Mum turned 85 last Sunday. We had a lunch with mt 2 sisters, a couple of aunties and the sewing girls and one gardening friend too.

From the right: myself, Charmaine (middle sister) and Maxine (youngest sister) and mum in front. I took heaps of photos but because we were seated next to a huge window the light from outside ruined most of them. Fortunately I was able to get a couple of good ones.

Cutting her lunchtime cake.
Then that evening all of my boys and grandies converged on mum's house for a pizza dinner and cake and presents!

Ollie helping Nanny Jo open her presents - which he thought were for him - winter pj's and thick socks didn't do it for him tho!!

When you are 85 you can have 3 birthday cakes. My sister and her family had a cake with her the day before (which she didn't remember!). This is the one we had at her house - Chocolate Cheesecake - everyone loved that dessert! Poor mum couldn't remember how old she was or that it was her birthday - we had to keep reminding her, she would be all good for a few minutes then would forget. She had a great time with everyone tho - thankfully she still remembers family and friends. There were 22 of us all up in mum's little house, very noisy but mum had a smile on her face watching the antics of her kids and the tom foolery of her grandsons. Good memories were made from the whole day.

She was happy to pose for all photos!

I found these when I was going through mum's cupboards trying to find candles - just look at the prices - goodness knows how long she had these in her cupboard!!

Now my 4 generation photos are complete - mum, myself, my son Rheis, grandsons Oliver and William. Mum, daughter, sons, great grandsons, Nana and Great Nana - I treasure these photos.

The babies of my family. Hope is now three and a half months and Will is six and a half months - time is going by way too fast!

Hope's photo with Nathan now gives her a complete set of Uncle photos.

Football season has started for this year. Karah found Ruben in between games yesterday. This little man is playing his first season and is now in Kindergarten (big school).

Today is a home day - I have just done 3 hours in my pot house and vegie garden - sooo humid here - I perspired gallons the whole time I was outside - bet it doesn't make any difference to the weight and the rolls!! Inside now ready to have a shower before the mild aches and slightly spinning head take a  hold of me - hot soaking shower and heat rub will hopefully take care of that.
A lazy afternoon inside relaxing now - a load of work clothes washing and then some hand sewing, dinner and an early night before back to work tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful time with Mum on her birthday 🎉. Doesn't matter she can't rember that as long as she knows the family.
    Sew many fabulous photos of you all.
    Boy Karah is growing up sew quickly...

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely mum. How wonderful to have a house filled to the rafters with her family. Love the photo of the four generations of your family. Have a happy week, lovely lady....try not to work too hard.

  3. It is always so lovely to see your blog. Lovely family pics to be cherished forever. What a lovely birthday for your mum. Hope you ate keeping well. Angel hugs.

  4. Happy birthday to your mum......

  5. What lovely family photos and memories ♥♥♥

  6. Great family photos
    Karah is groing up and looking fit

  7. Happy Birthday to your dear Mom! She looks like a real sweetheart. That's a great photo of you and your sisters with her. How wonderful that you were all able to get together to celebrate her birthday. Nice that she was happy among all her own folk too, even if she forgot why ;)

  8. Hi Kerrie ,happy birthday to your mum. She looks fantastic,lots of lovely family pics xx


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