Monday, 19 January 2015


I have found muscles and joints that didn't exist before yesterday!!!
8 bags of green rubbish cleaned out of mums pothouse and side garden!! This is why I know I have new joints and muscles today!!

Pothouse nice and clean and accessible. Still have to get heaps of potting mix to repot quite a few plants and to top up some pots.

My gardening offsider, Little Nathan, head down b... up in mums side garden. We couldn't walk down there without fighting the branches etc. I let the hose just run for half an hour in 4 different spots - the water just soaked away - mum hasn't been able to do anything for about 5 weeks and probably won't be able to do much outside again - so I have the job of getting the front and back gardens into shape (more soil, mulching and watering systems) as she loves to look out and see her plants.
These hibiscus flowers are on the one bush - it flowers for months every year and always has whole white and whole pink flowers - sometimes even 2 toned. It has been in the garden for about 20 years and catches the eye of everyone - especially if you park in the driveway next to it and have to climb out through the branches!!! I actually was twisting out the drivers window to get these photos - it would have been much easier to reverse the car back and get out!!!

On their way to someone somewhere in Australia - my Australia day Swap presents - this tested the brain cells - that was until I have seen what others have sent and I wonder if I have any brain cells working at all!!! Something for each letter of Australia - so easy when you see others efforts!!!
You can read all about Julie's Australia Day Swap HERE - I am all organised for the 2016 Australia day Swap Julie!!


  1. Your offsider and you have done a wonderful job of Mums pot house and garden.

    Nice gifts you have there to send off to your partner.

  2. you will be sore for a few days, but worth it. The garden and potted plants looks great

  3. Hi kerrie,boy the gardens are looking great and i think your swap parcel looks awesome,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  4. You have done a great job for your Mum. I am sure she will love to look out at her plants and flowers now.

  5. I forgot to say that I think the swap idea was very nice. And the gifts look lovely !

  6. The gardens and potting house look wonderful - I know about aching muscles and joints too, but it looks so great when it's all done.


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