Friday, 19 December 2014

SWAP TIME - it comes around so fast!!!

I have plodded my way through the last 6 months of this year - and the swaps I have been a part of have been hard work - that is until they have arrived at their destination (a bit late). And then I am on a high - especially after opening my swap parcels which of course have been here from well before the posting date!!
yesterday was opening day for the Secret Santa Swap hosted by CHERYL . My partner was ILLENE and wasn't I spoilt. A big fat parcel of swappy goodness!!!
Now see the scissors and fob.... well the fob is actually a brooch - now how clever is that!! Sweet pincushion and very handy needle case.

Beautiful covered pattern folder (I will need to make some more of these if I ever get my sewing room organised!!) with a pattern for a rather cute mug rug!!

Now get a look at this gorgeous bundle - scarf, tote bag and beautiful covered coat hanger - I do so love these (Karah thinks the scarf is the best because she loves purple and she has been wanting one of these scarves for a long time!! - I don't recall her name being on it though!).
And look at these delightful Christmas wall hangings!! Have you noticed there is a theme going on here - Illene has stalked my blog and knows I like the colour purple!!
Coccies, card, Christmas decoration and a candle (photo doesn't do that justice at all). Now haven't I been so very spoilt.

And Illene also packed a little gift for Karah too - a lovely little wooden owl that can be cross stitched PLUS this rather funny pig with lollies (you put the lollies in one end and they come out the other - I will let you decide which way they go!!) Karah was most impressed with the owl (she does have a little thing for them) and got the giggles over the pig!!!!
THANKYOU so much illene - I love it all - they are so beautiful and will be shown off to everyone I meet!!!
And these are what I sent Illene.
A recipe folder, pretty cup, jazzy scarf, xmas tea towel, a little book, and some
a sweet little purse pattern, a skinny pinny (pincushion), some beautiful soaps (which I nearly kept for myself they smelt so nice), a vintage linen hanky an applique tea towel and a little red pouch.

The pink and green key ring was Karah's little gift to Illene she made it herself).
I do have another swap (from Peg) to post about, but I will have to do that on Sunday - I am leaving at 4am tomorrow morning (with rheis, Ollie and Karah) to do a 14 hour round trip to meet Karah's dad so she can spend the next 3 weeks with him.
But first I have to go and peel vegies for 3 men, 3 kids and myself (trucks are being loaded with grain and hay and straw) - roast lam and baked vegies - I am hanging out for it dinner as I haven't had roast lamb for sooooooo long.
Have a great weekend everyone and I will be back next to post about the beautiful gifts that Peg sent me in the let's Stitch Together swap!!


  1. travel safe..............whats your Mobile..............I may be in the right spot along the way.............not sure................

    lovely gifts from illene..............

  2. You received some lovely gifts.
    I think your pink pig is actually a reindeer, they call them reindeer poopers and they started out brown, but now they do them in pink and you can get penguins and sheep to. Funny aren't they?

    1. Lol!!! Lisa. It probably is a reindeer - I didn't have a really close look - think I seen the pink animal and it reminded me of a pig so a pig it was!!! I will have to go and have a look now!!

  3. Wow... quite a haul of loot there from Illene. Wonderful gifts and warm wishes shared I think!
    Thanks for playing along with us too.
    Merry Christmas xox

  4. Wow!! You really were treated well by Ilene!! What a nice set of handmade goodness though! You sent some lovely items off to her as well. I hope you have a good trip ... 14 hours in the car sounds exhausting. Enjoy your day :) Wendy x

  5. Hi Kerrie love your gifts both sent and received,this has been such a fun swap.enjoy all your goodies my friend and safe travels.xx

  6. So pleased you and Karah liked your gifts and I loved mine too
    Safe travels

  7. Lovely gifts both received and sent. How lovely of Illene to also send Karah a gift.

  8. Wonderful pressies there, a great variety. Enjoy.

  9. All your Christmases has come at once. Wow, so many great things here! I just love Lindt chocolate and anything with handstitiching.

  10. What beautiful, thoughtful gifts, both the ones you received and the ones you sent. What a special swap! Yum Roast lam is such a yummy treat, I bet it was delicious!!

  11. Really lovely swap gifts Kerrie, lots of beautiful stitchy goodness from both of you.......remember last year when I had you opening pressies at daybreak? lol I love the reindeer pig, and how nice of Illene to send little gifts to Karah. Hope your road trip went well.

  12. Beautiful gifts sent & received. Hugs, xx


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