Monday, 1 December 2014


This week it is in the mid thirties with showers predicted every day - I wish!!
We did get a heavy short shower late yesterday afternoon.
Had to take some photos so I can look at them to keep believing we did!

This is Jazzie, (Karah's best friend) who has 1 pup (Sasha). This hot humid weather has been a bit hard on Sasha so I have been bringing her inside in the cool of the aircon. Jazzie also has to come inside to keep an eye on her baby!! A close eye that is - even if the bed is too small for you!!
So today I have been playing with my purchases from our Bathurst Bloggers weekend!
Look at these beautiful fabrics - have lots of ideas for them - just have to find the time to get creating!!

I just couldn't help myself, I had to have one of every shade - I love using felt when I can find the time!

More patterns, braid and template. The patterns are for the felt above!
The top photo below are the goodies that I won in a give away on CHERYLL'S a while back. It didn't arrive in the post so Cheryll so very kindly brought this parcel along to the blog meet for me. Thank you Cheryll - I am just a little bit spoilt!

On the bottom of the lower photo is one of CHOOKY'S - she very generously gave one to each of us attending the meet in Bathurst. The 3 pieces of fabric were what I won in the lucky Foil Wrapped present Draws. I did start making tiny hexagons from 2 of the fabrics on the Saturday night in Bathurst - to be what I am not sure yet!
So not only did I have a fabulous weekend (and I want to repeat it every weekend) in the company of wonderful creative bloggers, I also had a great time shopping!!!


  1. You've come home with some lovely goodies, Kerrie. They'll keep you out of mischief for a while!

  2. Lots of things there for you to create with. I have made the xmas table toppers. they are so cute when they are made up. have fun with it all x

  3. Glad you had a good time Kerri yummy purchases xx

  4. Nothing like a bit of new fabric and trims to make you want to start on a new project! I love the felt, and I too like working with it, usually using it with embroidery. Those two dogs do look happy together. I didn't realize there were two dogs in the bed at first. My dog lies right on top of the register in the summertime to get the maximum benefit from the A/C. I hope you get some more rain soon! It's been damp and gloomy here this weekend and doesn't look any different as I look out the window this morning. Wendy x

  5. great shopping...............yes rain forecast here all week...............we got a bit but it won't do anything unless we get heaps more..........the falls are all very varying..............some quiet a bit more some none...........stormy stuff...........I just want good general rain.....................

  6. Oooh...sounds a wee bit too hot for me. How wonderful that the heavens gifted you some rain! The felt looks lovely all sitting together. What a sweet, sweet puppy. Hope you have a lovely week filled with a li'l stitching!

  7. What a great haul! So many lovely patterns and other goodies. Very hot here too and huge thunderstorm last night - went on for hours.

  8. I hope the weather isn't too hot for you or the animals. My youngest daughter is a Sarsha! Hehehe. Love all your goodies and the cute owly things. Hugs to you and Karah.

  9. You are going to have lots of fun with all your purchases Hopefully you stay cool in this weather and make a start. Fingers crossed for some more rain. We've been getting some stormy stuff here but still patchy. Only in the low 20s here today, which has been lovely.

  10. Great purchases... I see all these things people bought and wonder if I went to the same shops as all of you... must have been shopping with my eyes closed!


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