Sunday, 2 November 2014


No photos of the ring pillow or the size 1 and a bit vest I made for Rheis' wedding but some of the service and reception. Photo quality not great because my camera is not working and I had to rely on my phone. have fixed them up as best as I can though.
The service - couldn't get all of the bridal party in due to where I was sitting.
Oliver leading the bridesmaids and bride in (wearing the vest I made for him); and being the church clown all through the service!!wearing

Abbey & Karah - my two favourite grand daughter ( I only have 2 natural grand daughters lol!!) Karah was flower girl (a teary moment for me when she got out of the limousine - her mum was so excited that she was going to be flowergirl and she was missed out on the moment)

Rheis & Oliver after the ceremony.
Mr and Mrs Brill (Rheis & Sarah) with Oliver starting their walk as a married couple!
Cutting the cake.
Mum & Dan (school friend of Rheis' and one of the groomsmen). Mum had a ball at her first grandchildren's wedding!!
Rheis and his Nanna - she was the third to dance with him and even did a little bit of a jive!!!! She pulled up well today (wedding was yesterday) for an 82yr old!!
All up it was a lovely day enjoyed by everyone yesterday - it was so nice to have a 'happy' day full of love and laughter!
Karah wearing her Dalmation dress up that she thought up and made herself for a dress up day at school a couple of weeks ago!; and in her glory at the Leeton Show mid October - she will try anything this girl!!

This brown hat frightens the life out of him when his uncle Adam has it on (he happily goes to Adam when he isn't wearing it) - Adam stuck it on his head a couple of weeks ago and he tolerated it for about 20 seconds!!!
On the right is thunder thighs - we wonder where the 14kg is - soon find out when he is in his summer clothes. He appears to have Rheis' skin and colouring but instead of burning and blistering like Rheis and I do, Oliver just changes colour - luckily he got his mothers skin type!!
That is it from me tonight - I have heaps of photos from the Garden Festival held here recently - I will keep them for the next post!


  1. Looks like a lovely wedding and the photos have come out quite well. Nice job on the little vest too

  2. Gorgeous photos of your special day; it must have been a day of mixed emotions for you. Karah did a marvellous job with her outfit...must take after her grandma. You mentioned Leeton...I used to go and stay at my cousin's home in Yanco when I was a little girl......lovely country there!

  3. Looks like a wonderful family day full of memories. Congrats to the bride & groom xox

  4. Looks like everyone had a lovely time. Oliver looks so cute in his vest and Karah looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your special day, Kerrie.

  5. Hi Mel what a wonderful day for you all,thankyou for sharing my lovely friend.xx

  6. Sounds like everyone had a marvelous time at the wedding! The kids are all so sweet, and the bride and groom make a beautiful couple. Your mom looks like she's having the best time of all! Wendy x


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