Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Each year in October the Griffith Garden Festival is held. Local gardeners open their gardens for the public with gate takings going to various charities in the town. Each year I visit one garden. This year it was a town garden, the owner is elderly but she was able to open it this year with help from family and friends.
There is only one tiny patch of lawn at the front. The rest of the front and the back yards are garden. Most of the plants have been sourced from friends and family, many a s cuttings. The owner opened her garden for many years but had to stop when insurance became an issue. I had been going to visit it every year for a number of years but missed out. I was so pleased when I learnt it was opening again.

Karah and mum, seated in one of the little nooks; and the view across the back yard. This is my style of gardening; - all the work has been done by the owner and her late husband; and every available space is used.
Every year, a feature of the festival is the Citrus Sculpture Display in the main street. I took the photos at night, the sculptures are lit up all night with huge overhead lights - there have been instances of vandalism - the glare from the lights has affected some of the photos.

The sculptures are set up and maintained by business houses, schools and community groups from within Griffith.

It started out with a few and has grown to over 60 this year.

It is really quite spectacular.

If you look close to a couple of them you will see Karah posing within - tourists from all walks of life spend a couple of hours looking, photographing and posing with them all.

If you ever get the chance to come to the festival do it. There are usually 7 - 8 gardens open, both urban and rural, and each one unique and a different style!
I am off to the kitchen to put some chicken soup on. I fell in a big heap yesterday - think the last 8 months has caught up in one big whammy. Every joint is aching, back pain, stomach cramps, nausea, coughing, runny nose - time to hide from the world for a few days I think. Probably a time to look at diet and the pace of my life also. maybe a new me coming up - but first the chicken soup and back to bed for a few hours!!


  1. What a beautiful garden. Sew pleased you were able to visit it . The fruit sculpture is amazing. Thank you for taking us along...

  2. The private garden looks amazing! How unfortunate that insurance was keeping the owner from opening her doors in previous years. I'm glad you all had a good tour. The citrus sculptures are new to me, but such a creative display. It must have smelled wonderful on a hot sunny day :) We used to see butter sculptures here at our winter fair. Kind of a strange medium to work with. I left a comment on the wedding post, but I think my computer destroyed it. It looks like you all had a wonderful day, and the kids all looked super cute. It looks like your mom had the best time of all!! Glad it was a good day for you all. Take care, and I hope you are feeling better soon. Wendy x

  3. What a wonderful garden!! That citrus display is fascinating!!! I am so glad they opened the garden back up....places like these should be shared!! And I hope you feel better soon! Happy week to you! Nicole

  4. the citrus is amazing..............
    now get to bed and get yourself will have a great "me time" weekend coming up shortly and we will be able to recharge you batteries.........

  5. What a wonderful and fun festival! I'm so glad you had a fantastic time. The sculptures are amazing!

  6. Gardens are such peaceful places and what a great
    idea with the citrus!
    Cheers, Anita.


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