Sunday, 11 May 2014

Quiet Mothers Day

Spent today quietly at home. My sister and mum came out for a roast lunch - which I cooked and thoroughly enjoyed - love roast lamb!! Planted some roses this afternoon - only another 8 to go of this purchase lot. If I can swing an hour out in the garden each day I will have them planted in 2 days. Planted 2 Chrysanthemums a white one that one of my close friends gave me at lunch on Friday and this one - a mother's day gift.
I also bought another 4 at Bunnings for myself when I was purchasing the paint for Karah's bedroom. I hope to get them planted over the next couple of days also. Finished the day off with a bonfire (huge pile of tree cuttings our son brought out from his newly purchased 1st home!).
Just me and the bonfire tonight - quiet time which I haven't had any of for a couple of weeks. And I am finishing the day off with a couple of these - another Mother's day gift.
All in all a relaxing day. How did you spend your Mother's Day - I hope it was as relaxing and calm as mine.


  1. That sounds like a very nice day. My Mother's Day has barely started and I'm the only one up! Wendy x

  2. So good to see that you had some time to yourself as well as a nice day out for lunch. I went to my eldest daughter's for arvo tea with my mum, dad and hubby after suggesting it myself* rolling eyes*. Got a nice phone call from my youngest daughter who was working today. (Ooops, yesterday-it is after 3.00am , not sleeping again).

  3. It's late afternoon here for my Mother's Day and I have had a wonderful day of it. I hope your family enjoyed a day celebrating all Mums as well.

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day. Your garden is going to look lovely with all your new plants. The bonfire looks so cheery. There is nothing better than sitting quietly gazing into the flames.


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