Tuesday, 27 May 2014


We are back from Sydney. And this is what we came home to...
Karah's bedroom all painted. And we have one wall of stripes only!!!! The room looks fabulous - it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to a room - plans are underway to do the rest of the house now!!!! Deciding on colours is not as easy as I thought!!!lol.
Karah is over the moon with her room - she says it amazing and not many kids get to paint their rooms the colours they want so that is awesome!! She dark purple cupboards which tone in nicely but the doona cover is a bit of a clash - bright multi coloured with a background of bright pink!! The main thing is that she is happy with it!!
Naomi is taking each day as it comes. The results in Sydney were no different to what we had already been told. We are now concentrating on quality for Naomi and making lots of happy memories for Karah. There was no time frame given and neither Naomi or I want one - we prefer to  count the days she is with us than how many are left for her. She has her ups and downs but generally is fairly optimistic and wants to fight it the best she can. She will be starting on a treatment that is designed to slow the cancer down. She also has a few things she wants to do with Karah over the next few months that she has wanted to do for a while so we will be kept busy with fulfilling her wish list!!!
We have had beautiful balmy weather - very warm for this time of year here. That changed today - we have had well over an inch of rain and a cool change - the fire has been going since lunch time. The rain will be good for the planned gardening over the next week. very little has been done outside over the last 6 weeks so the soft ground will help with the weeding, digging and planting that we have to do!! And I haven't done any stitching or crafts for that time  so it will be nice to spend some time inside doing a bit of that as well.
That is all for now!


  1. WOW, that is an amazing stripped wall. Nice that Karah loves.
    Story to hear of Naomi's results but good you have a positive outlook for a happy time together.
    Lots go hugs to all...

  2. Karah's wall looks great! I agree that one wall makes a statement but two walls would be just too much color.
    Continuing to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Just remember to take care of yourself as well both physically and mentally.

  3. Welcome home, the stripes look cool. One day at a time is the best plan, forward momentum along with beautiful memories. Hugs to all

  4. Karah's wall looks amazing, Kerrie. Sending hugs to you all. Christine xx

  5. glad Karah is happy with the space................sending hugs at this time....................

  6. sending big hugs.xx

  7. You are all so brave my best wishes go to you all. I won't show my daughter how gorgeous the room turned out because I don't have the patience to achieve that!!! Louise

  8. Good to see you back home and settling in nicely. The plans you have with Naomi and Karah sound wonderful and I think you all have a great attitude focusing on time together rather than counting the days. I have never really agreed with time lines regarding our time on this Earth plane, rather like pointing the bone! So many people have proved the doctors wrong too! My thoughts are with you and I am still sending you many angel hugs and blessings.

  9. Love the striped wall. Sorry to hear Noami's results. Enjoy making those happy memories

  10. Thinking of you all! I hope that loads of happy memories are made. Love the stripy wall!

  11. Excellent color choices, Karah! I love the stripes! Lots of love and hard work went into painting those, so you must be one special young lady.

    Hugs and hopes and prayers coming from all of us.

  12. Hugs and prayers and many happy days ahead.

  13. I am still catching up on older blog posts since being away, so have just read back through your month's blog posts. It sounds like Naomi is being her fighting self with coping with the situation. May there be many happy memories in the days ahead, as she does those things with Karah. The striped wall looks amazing, and makes for a very individual room for Karah. She did well with her choice.
    Take care, and sending hugs to you and your Girls.

  14. What a gorgeous coloured bedroom!! I wonder
    how you go with choosing items for the room,
    I imagine it's gonna look super!!!!
    Cheers, Anita.


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