Friday, 18 April 2014


This beautiful Sewing All was waiting in our mail box for me (no one else - just for me) when I collected the mail on Wednesday. I received this from the Lovely Lynda in a swap run by the Marvellous Maree in the Let's Stitch Together on line group.
We had to make a Sewing All and this is what Lynda made for me - I just love it.
The beautiful satin stitch in the embroidery has turned me green with envy (my satin stitch has a long way to go to be able to use it in something I am giving away!!)

Lots and lots of different sized pockets and a lovely big pincushion!

And all of these wonderful little extras!!! There was a packet of M&M's also but I really needed to have something chocolate today so alas no photo of them!!
Thank you so much Lynda - it is just the perfect size for me and I have been busy showing it off to everyone I meet up with!!!
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your best wishes, prayers and thoughts for Naomi - she was discharged on Friday to be at home over Easter. When the results from all of the test come back she will be admitted again. She has had a few weepy moments but on the whole is coping. The waiting is the hardest  at least when the results are back we will KNOW what is ahead and have a plan of action. Greg and I are staying at home until the results are back and will then go up and be with her throughout the surgery and follow up treatment. Meanwhile we have several phone calls a day and she has lots of text messages from her brothers (she can't talk about it with them and they can't talk about it with her - my babies are all big softies!!)
When we went up to Lismore we took my mum with us. Whilst there we went for a couple of drives - on to Ballina and Byron Bay. At Byron bay we went up to the Lighthouse - very interesting and magnificent views - that is until I looked over the safety fence and saw this.....
In it's own way a spectacular view but for a person who has fear of heights (that would be scaredy cat me!!!lol) it wasn't the best thing to do - still I forced myself to stay there long enough to take the picture - even looking at the picture makes me dizzy!!lol
Mum was unable to walk up to the lighthouse but she was happy to make do with sitting at the cafe with this.....
I think she enjoyed that more than she would have looking at the lighthouse!!
On the trip back we took mum to Gulargambone - she nursed there in 1952 when she was 20yrs old. Over the last few years she has often said she would like to go back and have a look at the town and where the hospital was that she worked in.

These silly creatures were all through the town - the Galahs of Gular!!!! They were fantastic and such a great idea and theme for the town!!!! On the roads leading in the galahs were in flight. I just loved them! The old hospital site had a new building on it which is now a medical centre and aged care building. Mum was really pleased to go back. I was pleased to be able to take her back as time goes by so quickly and at her age the 'one day' can quite easily never come!!

It doesn't matter where we go we can always suss out a sewing shop!!!lol. Unfortunately there is nothing open in Gulargambone on Tuesdays!!!
It was a lovely side trip to a beautiful little town situated in wonderful countryside!!
Tomorrow I will be busy with the CWA Market and then finally I can relax and veg out here at home for a couple of days - at least until Naomi's results come in and then we ill be on the move again I suspect! In the meantime we will be mowing lawns that have grown to 2 foot high whilst we were away (some lovely rain in  that time and the lawn just bolted upwards to the sky) and making sure feeders for all the animals are all set up and everything else around the farm is organised so it is easier for Isaac to manage (along with his full time job) whilst we are away.
two more sleeps until the Easter Bunny comes (oh dear me - more chocolate) - I do hope you all have a safe, happy and very healthy Easter - and I am going to have some sewing time for myself also!!



  1. My thoughts are prayers are with your DD Naomi for a a full recovery once again. And also love and hugs for you all.
    Was a beautiful sew all you received from Lynda. Looks like it was a fabulous swap.
    Nice to have enjoyed time with Mum too.

  2. So pleased to read your DD is home.....thinking of you all...what a lovely sewing all from Lynda......nice photo of your mum that ice cream looks so darn good....

  3. I'm sure Lynda's gift brightened up your day. You take care of yourself too Kerrie. I hope all goes well for Naomi. xx

  4. What a nice revisit for your mum, and she looks like
    she's pretty happy with that ice cream!! lol Lovely swap
    you received, I'd be very happy too. All the best of wishes
    at Easter to you and your family.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Sorry to hear about your lovely girl's troubles...sending good wishes for good news. You take care of yourself Kerrie, I'm sure the Easter Bunny knows you need extra chocolate right now. If you'd come another half hour up the road from Byron I could've put the kettle on for you :) Happy Easter.

  6. Good to see you are taking some time to smell the roses. I left a comment for your last post but it vanished into cyberspace! My thoughts are with you during this very stressful time. I know what it is like to have a very ill child in hospital for a long period of time but cannot begin to imagine what you have endured the last few years with your dear daughter's ongoing problems throughout her adulthood. Some lovely pics of your trip and your mum. Looove your swap gift too. Many many angel hugs and blessings to your daughter, you and your family.

  7. Best wishes to DD that she will be feeling well very soon! I received a gift that looks just like yours awhile back. I think it was meant to go over the sofa arm, but each time I tried it, I was poked with pins and needles. ( I often sleep there too). I really wanted to use it though as I love the colours, then one day the lightbulb lit up for me...I put the end with the large pocket under my machine to anchor it, with the rest out in the open. At last, I have a pincushion right there that CAN'T fall on the floor, and lots of little pockets to hold extra thread, unpicker, scissors, chocolate, mints, tissues, etc....It gets used all the time now because it is such a clever design and holds everything I need for a sewing session. xx debbie

  8. that shop in Gular sure is interesting.............


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