Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Planting Day

After 120 points on Friday I couldn't' get out into the garden until Sunday - just too muddy (who would have thought after the dry, dry summer) - but by Sunday it was perfect underfoot and easy digging also! So off i went on a shovel hunt - 9 shovels here and I couldn't find one, not even the one I had planted so no one else could get it!! Off to the sheds to see what I could find and reclaim. I need to check out 3 utes and several paddock corners - my shovels are somewhere!!!!
First up I tried to burn a pile of weeds and rubbish - too damp - along came the MOTH with some diesel - that didn't have much of an effect either! So it smoldered away all day!! Thursday I will give it another go.

Up I climbed into the raised beds ( about 24" up) and dug them over (they had been mulched with rice straw and composted cow manure a couple of months ago - soooo easy to dig!!! Then planted chard (for chooks and pigs)in one; and celery & leeks (for us 2 legged animals) in the other. These photos were taken before I mulched them with chaff that a customer didn't want!!

These spring onions are the leftovers from last year that have reshot and are growing well - BONUS!! - so they were mulched also - will get some more seedlings and fill this raised bed. Then I dug over another ground bed next to the plantings I did last week. Those green spots amongst the mulch are spinach, silver beet, and Asian greens.
from vegies I moved on to planting herbs. Sage, Oregano, Parsley, Mint and Tarragon. Hopefully this coming weekend I will get some carrots, peas, broad beans, broccoli and parsnips planted and maybe some more herbs. I probably should be doing that on Wednesday and Thursday as we have more rain predicted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - unfortunately I am going to Wagga with the MOTH tomorrow - he has a specialist appointment for his hip - no shopping though, just straight over and straight back. He is panicking because he hasn't sown his oats (just oats not wild oats!!lol) and there is rain coming!!
I have been sewing but it is a secret until my swap partner receives it and then I can show you!! So it is off to bed for (at this ridiculous hour of the morning - 1:15am) - if I am really on the ball in the morning I might just pick up some seedlings when I go to town and get them planted before we go to Wagga!!!


  1. I see what you mean about "mouldering". I'm going to brag and say "my pile is bigger than your pile". Our pile of rubbish has been growing for a few years and will be a big bonfire, whenever we get to light it. You should be well prepared for the next vege season the way you are going. We have some self sown silver beet, but won't plant anything, as we hope to sell soon, so no real point. Good luck over at Wagga.

  2. You have been busy, still snickering over hubby's wild oats lol I had bok choy and silver beet planted and almost at harvest size when my darn chooks somehow got into the bed...fenced like Fort Knox but where there's a will etc.....I don't mind them eating it and they can through the fence but when they scratch everything out to get the worms....look out, roast dinner!

  3. Mud, glorious mud :)
    I'm envious of your garden, so much happening ... it's wonderful when it's time to pick the produce :)

  4. Hello Kerrie, dropping in after you left a comment on mine. As soon as I read the comment above "mud, mud, glorious mud" I now have in my head that old song. My dad used to sing it as we walked muddy trails in springtime. You certainly have your hands full at your place with the gardens and the bonfire! Am now following you (well, will be in just a jiffy), and I've read back through a few posts and really enjoyed them :) Enjoy your week! Wendy x

  5. Busy busy busy, we are not even close to being in the garden, never mind mud we would have to dig through snow to get there. Planting is a long way off for us


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