Monday, 17 February 2014


This cooler weather and the little bit of rain has brought about some activity from me!!lol The high, dry temps had drained me of all energy and I really hadn't done a lot each day. That has changed thank goodness!
Creamy Chicken Pie ready for it's top.

Creamy Chicken Pie all ready for dinner - I love cooking but the hot summer weather was not inductive to extending the effort or turning the oven on!!
Some more pickles made - this time with half ripe tomatoes.
Yesterday evening was spent in the garden - not a pretty site currently. The mandarin tree is loaded but many are sun burnt.

Our sad vegie garden - all covered in weeds (again!!!).

Another view of the vegie garden (these are the least weediest views!!). I will be attacking it bed by bed getting ready for the winter plantings. next summer this won't happen because I have a plan!!! Because of the labour and cost of growing our lettuce, tomatoes and a few other summer veg I won't be growing them. I can purchase home grown at our sunday markets. So I will be cleaning up most of the beds and mulching them heavily mid spring so I don't have the summer weed thing occur again.
Our one and only self sown pumpkin plant!! last year I had about 20 plants sown. Oh well, the fruit I get off this one will be a start for winter! Luckily we know a few vegetable farmers and backyard growers so I will be able to get more as I need them.
So this Sunday I will be going into our Sunday market and having a but up from the lady that sells home grown seedlings, then what she doesn't have I will get from the nursery - I love the start of the new vegie beds and planting. The coming weeks will see cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnips, carrots, onions, Asian vegies and whatever else I can source for our winter dinner table being planted!
Time to check tonight's dinner - Silverside, white sauce, mashed potato, carrots, broccoli, mashed pumpkin and peas!!! Mmmmmm - what are having for dinner tonight?  


  1. That pie looks very yummy Kerrie! I hope you enjoyed your silverside. I haven't made that in quite a while. I'll have to get some as the whole family loves it!

  2. i agree with Christine that pie looks so good Kerrie,and boy you sure cant beat homegrown vegs.xx

  3. Yum, that pie looks good, and the crust looks so flaky. Now I'm hungry.

  4. You have been very productive in the kitchen. We are permaculturists and have vegies in half wine barrells at the moment. Using plenty of mulch keeps the plants well hydrated. At the moment we only have little tomatoes, mixed lettuce, carrots and we have just finished the zuccinis. Pumpkin has self seeded and is climbing the miniture apple tree.

  5. Oh my, but that pie looks so good! The weather here is much warmer than it has been for the past week or so and it makes me want to get out and start some gardening. Come on, Spring!

  6. That pie looks so very yummy mmmm......I've given up on growing things for now too. It's just been too hot for too long. Will do some fresh planting in mid March if the weather gets back to something resembling reasonable! xx debbie


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