Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Like most 'crafty people' each of us at Channelbank Creations have UFO's (unfinished objects). I have had one in my knitting pile for 3 years and this year I am determined to finish it!!

I found this yarn in our local Lincraft store. There were two things about it that caught my eye - the first being the colours I spotted first that drew my attention were my favourite 2 colours (purple and green); the second that it was a thick yarn!. Plus there was a mauve that fitted right in with the purple and green - bonus!!

So of course I had to get some of each colour (meaning way too much for what I needed.) Then I found a pattern for a simple vest with a big collar with the bonus of being knitted in one piece to the underarm. So out come the needles that nigt and away I went. Well. I have unpulled this piece of knitting twice but this year I am going to finish it no matter what.

Third time lucky maybe!. I am making the vest longer than the pattern says just because I like long jumpers/cardigans/vests. I have another mauve stripe to do after the green then I will be up to the underarm. This will be the first garment I have knitted in 8yrs and the last one was a 4ply cardigan for my 10 week premmy granddaughter. I have done heaps of knitting since but only scarves and caps for my market stall and despite the indoing I am enjoying making this vest.

So my next post on this vest will be the finished garment!!

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