Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Initial Heart Swap

Some happy mail arrived last Thursday - my gift from my swap partner Illene in the Initial Heart Swap organised by CHERYLL.

Illene and I have been swap partners a few times now and she never fails to amaze me with her ability to create 'perfect for me' gifts!! Illene is Very good blog stalker!!!lol

A beautiful Crazy Patchwork Mug Rug, some cute heart buttons and some Lavender.

There is my initial....

and my two cute heart buttons surrounded by the sweet smelling lavender!

Thank you so much Illene for your beautiful gifts.

To finish this post here are a couple of photos of our 5 month old grandson William with Pa-pa - they don't get to see each other very much so this was a special hour for both of them.  He is such a happy baby - much like his big brother Oliver.

Pa-pa is known for terrorising the little ones!!

Pa-pa just falls asleep whenever he sits down for too long - William kept looking across at me to check if it was alright for Pa-pa to do that - after I told he was safe a couple of times he  finished his bottle and went off to sleep too!!

And on that note I will finish this post. I haven't done much the last week or so - like the rest of the state we have had the mid 40 temps plus an aircon not working at full capacity - a few very draining days for me!! But I do have some photos of a few things for my next post.


  1. Lovely gift and nice catch up. Yes, its been way too hot for much

  2. Pleased you liked your gift
    Lovely photo of your two men

  3. Hi Kerrie ,love the gifts from Illene and how cute are this pics of pa and GS,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  4. Gorgeous gifts sent in this swap from Illene... & Thanks for playing along with us too...xox

  5. Some lovely gifts there. I think that is how I "met" you a few years ago in that swap. Your grandson is so cute! I can't wait for my first grandy to arrive perhaps next week.

  6. What gorgeous gifts, such a pretty coloured heart and the buttons are perfect.

  7. Beautiful swap gift from Illene there Kerrie, Pa Pa looks like he is very relaxed there!! 😁 I hope you have some cooler weather soo .

  8. Lovely idea to make the heart into a mug've been a busy bee getting things sewn even in your heat, hope it is a bit cooler for you (it's taken cooler a bit too far here, the heater is now on!!!)...

  9. What a beautiful heart! You had a great swap partner in Illene. Love the shots of your grandson with his grandad. I'd be falling asleep in that hot weather too.


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