Sunday, 28 June 2015


Finally we have had enough rain for this month! Finally I cannot walk outside unless I have the 'gumbies' on (wellies)! FINALLY..... we have a rainwater tank (2 actually) that catches and holds drinkable rain water!!! Both houses on this property have big old ripple iron rainwater tanks - bot have dirty amber, water with insects and other delights coming from the tap, BOTH have been on the replacement list for the 8 years we have been here!!!
A lovely example of a farm rain water tank - NOT........ this one is hooked up to our house that we have been in for 4 and a bit years. I have been buying 10ltr containers of drinking water in all that time. NOW I don't have to!!!!!
NOW I have 2 of these....... one for the front gutter and one for the back gutter. The front one is FULL!!!! The back one is not because the gutter dips in the middle and the rain water still runs over onto the back veranda thingy and then onto the garden (which is another sore point!). So someone will be getting onto the roof and fixing said gutter so I have another tank full of fresh rainwater!!
It isn't all hunky dory yet as I wanted the first 2 tanks on raised platforms so another one could be sat beside them - a little lower with an overflow pipe joining the two. That will happen sometime over the net 12 months (because I will see to it) but in the meantime I have one of these full - 1000ltrs of rain water - YIPPEE!!!
to think we have heaps of these tanks coming and going from our yard and not once did we think about using them for the house rainwater catchment - but I had a light bulb moment last week, made the suggestion and VOILA it all happened. better than waiting to buy the $2,000 plus one he was looking at!! AND there will be more of them around the house in time to come - and a pump and pipes to be able to turn on the tap for rainwater in our kitchen!!! Meantime I am happy to walk outside and fill the  water dispenser straight from the tap. Now for a break of a couple of weeks from the rain (I am very grateful for what we have had mind you) so that we can start the spraying the weeds routine again, and catch up on a few other jobs that it has been too wet to do.
Have a great weekend everyone!!
PS: the old rainwater tanks will be upcycled/recycled somewhere else and as something else within the perimeters of the house yard!! waste not want not here!!


  1. How smart of you to reuse those tanks!

  2. Nothing nicer than rainwater. Pleased you are able to catch some again now...

  3. Clever girl I could not live without my rain water tank

  4. Goodness me......glad you have it sorted out now. There is nothing as lovely to drink as rainwater and even though we have those galvanised ones, they have been well maintained and the water also runs through a filtration system.

  5. Necessity is the mother of all inventions!

  6. Splashing in some puddles, doing a happy dance for you Kerrie in celebration of all that rain. My you are clever, such a brilliant clever inventor, you!


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