Friday, 24 April 2015

Back from Holidays....

Yes I am back, Karah and I had a great time down on the Great Ocean Road - more on that in a later post. Back at Easter time I participated in an Easter Swap run by Julie - well here is the fabulous box of goodies I received from Pat
Playing cards with Crab recipes - yummo; a little bucket with 'Oak Harbour Washington' on it, pretty decorator easter eggs, choccies, and some reading matter - Mother Earth News which I love and hadn't yet got this edition, and some novels - handy to fill in the hours I cannot sleep at night!!

But wait there is more.... 4 FQs in my favourite colours and a packet of 5" squares from Timeless Treasures called Tonga Treats (so bright and happy). A fridge magnet, some ribbon, a packet of sweet pea seeds and.... 5 handmade brooches.

Just look at these gorgeous brooches made by Pat from Sharks teeth - love them!!! I couldn't have been spoilt anymore by Pat!! Unfortunately I don't know the name of Pat's blog (or if she even has one) - I will have to check that out with Julie!! And a big thank you to Julie for doing such a great job in organising this swap!!
A few photos of Karah from our holiday - she loves 'BIG' things!!!
Top: The Big Murray Cod at Tocumwal
Bottom: The Big Whale at Cape Otway Lighthouse near Port Campbell

The big fibreglass wacky cows at Shepparton (have to admit I am a bit partial to these also!!)
The blue one is my favourite....

These were beautiful - they are in a playground at Anglesea I think - carved Octopus and Shark
But my favourite photo of all 500 I took is this one.

We stayed at the Kennet River Holiday Park (recommend - it was large, spread out and beautiful cabins - but no fuel in the village!!) late afternoon the parrots all come down to the park and they climb all over everyone - of course if you have a bag of feed they stay on you - luckily she didn't get pooped on - the smile would have disappeared very quickly if that happened - I think this was one of the highlights of the trip for her!!!)
And back at home we are busy with the everyday things....
Hmmm....... he goes past on that noisy, rattly things and leaves us dirt!
and he keeps on going up and down....
don't know what he is doing but we will check it all out....hmmm...... we have meals on wheels - fresh oats for lunch served up at eating height!!! Greg decided to sow the horse paddock down to oats as there are showers predicted (plus lots of moisture from the 30ml we had a week ago) - Shadow, Bidgee and Bobby weren't too sure what was going on though. They decided he was a keeper though as they wouldn't let him out the gate when he finished - he had to leave the tractor and combine there until they lost interest!!


arah from our holiday...


  1. glad you had a nice time........I thought I recognised that big cod...............

  2. You have some lovely goodies there, Kerrie. Love the photos of Karah and all things BIG!! The Great Ocean is one of my favourite drives. It is a glorious part of Victoria. Shadow, Bidgee and Bobby are sweet!

  3. Hi Kerrie,love your swap gifts and love the pics of Karah,so glad you all had a wonderful time xx

  4. Some great photos, looks like you had a wonderful holiday


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