Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Sewing For A 10 Year Old!!

After a very busy couple of weeks I had a tools down day on Sunday - I think my body knew that my mind had decided I was having a sleep in on Sunday morning - it sure did - I did not lift an eyelid until 10.30am. And continued to have a lazy day. I am thinking this could become a regular thing on Sundays - it is supposed to be the day of rest isn't it??
Yesterday was back to school so an early rise, this granddaughter of mine does not like getting out of bed!!! (Our eldest son says she is just like her grandmother - meaning me - the difference being I do get up early when I have to!!). I then spent the day doing the boring bits of life (washing and cleaning) interspersed with some sewing.
A diary cover (because ma-Ma has one and was making some for gifts) and 2 drink bottle bags (the other one was in her school bag). She has 3 drink bottles for school and after school activities and I was tired of my hand towels getting lost. So I took 2 towelling face washers from a box in my sewing room and 2 fat quarters and made her 2 bags. The inside is lined with the face washer so the condensation is absorbed into it. I have one more to make for her and then make 2 for myself - I take my own cold water with me from home when I go anywhere - I got tired of paying for bottles of water!!
I have also been doing the hand stitching on the blocks in part 1 of the SAL that I am participating in - Natures Journey by Anni Down's - I hope to have them finished by the end of this week.
Tomorrow is a day with Ollie - dad is sleeping and mum has to work - Ollie picks the days dad is on night shift to not have a morning and afternoon sleep. We may be doing some gardening at nanny's tomorrow I think!!


  1. Hi Kerrie yes I agree Sunday's are for sleeping in,lovely projects and very Prati al too,well done xx

  2. I just can't sleep in. I wake up and that's it! Usually it's a constant 6 am, but sometimes I can manage till 7. On the weekends it's kind of nice because I'm up all alone and have some time to myself. All these water bottles! I haven't used a water bottle since last summer. It's all insulated hot drinks mugs right now. I bought a couple for my kids for Christmas, and they raved about how hot their tea was after even a couple of hours, so I picked one up for myself too. Great idea with the insulated bottle bag. Must keep those school papers from getting soggy. Enjoy your week :) Wendy

  3. Great idea for water bottles...well done!
    Remember to "rest" on any Sunday you want...after all YOU deserve it. xox

  4. What a great idea for the water bottles. The diary cover is very pretty.

  5. Sundays are definitely sleep in days ♥♥♥♥♥ Cute bottle bags. I carry water with me everywhere I go and my carrier is getting rather nasty looking. Looks Like I'll be borrowing your idea for a new one ♥ Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love your water bottle cover ideas. Clever lady. Sleep in? I don't get to sleep until around 2.00am so it is a real struggle to drag myself out of bed before 9. When I have patchwotk group days I need to be up a lot earlier but it is amazing what one will do to stitch with friends lol.

  7. I love the simple idea of the drink bottle holders - I may have to borrow that idea and make one for myself for taking to work! I've noticed I'm spending too much money on drinks on the days I work (especially if I have to go out in the work car making home visits all day).
    I also discovered this morning that apparently I had not become a follower of your blog I'm now your lucky number 100th follower :)
    Good luck in my giveaway today, Hugs Sharm

  8. My computer had a hiccup so not sure if my comment went through - but I love the idea of the water bottle cover & may need to make one for myself for work!!
    Also realised this morning I was not yet a follower - so have joined and become lucky number 100
    Sharm xo

  9. A nice relaxing Sunday sounds perfect. Sometimes you really need those days to recuperate, especially when you have grandies to entertain. Your diary cover is so pretty and drink bottle holders are a great idea.


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