Saturday, 16 November 2013


Up bright and early once again on a Saturday morning - out in the yard mulching once again on a Saturday morning!!!! my offsider and I were hard at it by 7.30 this morning - we made another big garden bed and mulched it down, then we planted out 13 bushes and trees.
We placed a layer of this stuff - Soy Bean shells (and heaps of seed so I will probably get a soy bean crop from it! lol) and then a layer of rice straw. This is in an area where I can only get weeds to grow so it will now be filled with shrubs, geraniums and anything that is HARDY!!!
The weather was glorious when we first started - the sun was out but there was a cool breeze. By the time we finished at 11am it was getting quite hot!! I went into town to do a few jobs and then home again to continue watering.
Then at 5pm................ THIS!!!
I watched this Storm blow in and was wondering if it would rain over us. And it did. heaps of thunder! Huge drops of rain pelting down with a strong wind behind.
The gutters couldn't cope....
The wind was so strong and the rain was at such an angle that it was coming in the front door, which is 4 foot from the front of the verandah!!

I really thought it was going to hail by the size of the raindrops and the drop in the temperature.
Twenty minutes later it stopped and we got a whole 3ml in the rain gauge!!!!!!! Was sure it would be 10ml (half an inch). But very grateful for what we did receive.
We had an inch of rain earlier in the week, but there are still cracks in the ground - I don't think the ground has ever got back to what it was before the last drought.
Off out to tea tonight (oh goody no cooking for me) to celebrate the MOTH's birthday - they are useful sometimes!!!lol. Looking forward to a nice evening with some of our children and grand children!!
And I hope the drier areas receive some of these storms that are circling around the eastern states - I know it is really needed.



  1. Good start to your tried hard to rain here...but nothing...

  2. enjoy your night out Kerrie and glad you got some rain.xx

  3. Photos of rain will have to do for today...glad you got a drop.
    Enjoy your evening :)

  4. Lots of hard work just in time for all that glorious rain well done !!

  5. That sounds like torrential rain hope nothing was damaged. I didn't know there was such a thing as soy bean shell mulch but sounds like it's a good way to use soybean byproduct. A night off from cooking sounds wonderful.

  6. Hi Zena - there isn't such a thing as soy bean mulch but it is the by product of the soy bean when it goes through the plant for feed milling. I score some strange things to try as mulch as a family member is a miller in a feed mill!! What we called popcorn mulch was another interesting one also - by product of the corn cobb when it has had all of the kernels removed for seed. Both do a great job. Most of my mulch is Lucerne and rice straw as we grow and sell these!

  7. You have been so busy around your place. I have been mulching too, trying to get ready for the hotter weather!

  8. Yes! We finally have had a good soaking from storms as well, it's lightly drizzling now, we needed it here so badly!


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