Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Why Channelbank Creations??? Of course you have asked yourself this. Wwwweeellll......
The name comes from the region we live in or the area to be precise. We three are creating something in one form or another everyday thus the CREATIONS part. What to put with it.
We live in an intensive irrigation farming region (summer/winter crops/ stock/ vineyards/fruit trees and vegetables). Of course to get the water to these crops we need channels (of which we have an abundance in all sizes!!). Thus Channelbank Creations was born. It would be nice to sit on a channelbank (nicely mown of course) under the shade of a willow tree, fresh flowing water in the channel, crafting away with a nice glass of wine!! Don't you agree. We will have to take a photo of one of our nicer Channels!! That could be a job for tomorrow!!

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