Saturday, 12 December 2015

hHello... it's been a while!

How long has it been since I last posted - too long! I have been busy but I think I have pushed myself too much and have not been coping very well at all - lots of things have had to go by the wayside and my blog was one of them!! Now for a little bit of a catch up.
Greg turned 60 back in the middle of November - we had a bbq tea at our local museum - Pioneer Park. This is 'Myall Park Hall which is available to hire for functions. Such a peaceful setting.

S peaceful that Birthday Boy had a little rest while waiting for everyone to arrive!!
Little and big kids amused themselves with games throughout the night!

Cooking for competition again. Apple & Mint Jelly

and Moroccan Tomato Relish. Both taste yummo!! Both got first prize at our CWA Branch Land Cookery judging - which is great but now I have to cooke them again in March for Group judging!

Every Monday I have this little man - growing up so very fast - thought he would try out my lipstick (he found one that I had lost) and busy being Bob the Builder (favourite hat for a few days!)

I say goodbye to these 5 rascals this week. Two are going tomorrow and the other 3 through the week. They are now 8 weeks old and have started to develop all the beautiful traits of Labradors - cheeky, cuddly, and mischievous - they find anything and have to tear it up!!

Some secret sewing teasers!

And our baby girl had her Year 6 Graduation during last week - we are all dressed up ready to go!! Cannot believe it was 2004 that she was born 10 weeks early and just 1225gms. Where has that time gone. Naomi would have been so proud of her 'Bubba'! It was bittersweet for me - so lovely to be there and see her 'graduate' but a bit teary a few times when I thought of her mum. High school next year - it will soon be year 10 graduation!!
That is all for this catch up - I hope to get back into the routine of a couple of posts a week - we will see how I go. School finishes next week - I think I am going to go into slow mode for a while - stay home, do some catching up and sorting out, might even get to sit at my sewing machine!!


  1. I love the pick of you with your beautiful grand daughter. Good to hear that you let some things slide to stay sane but I can see you have still been very busy indeed. Have a wonderful relaxing Christmas.

  2. Hi Kerrie what a lovely post ,good to hear from you and happy birthday to your hubby,mine turned 60 this year too. Lovely pic of you and your GD,can't wait to see your secret sewing xx

  3. Nice to catch up
    Your little one is growing up Her Mum would have been watching I'm sure xx

  4. The blog is the first thing I give up when I'm busy too. Happy Birthday to Greg! and Congratulations to Karah on her graduation ... she is such a pretty gal ;) Very nice photo of the two of you. Those pups are adorable, but I can only imagine what five busy pups can get into! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. It is lovely to see you pop up and read your post. you have been very busy but it looks like a nice place to visit for hubby's BD.. A beautiful photo of GD and you at her Graduation .. Yes time does go by sew quickly.. Have a relaxing christmas and All the Best for 2016

  6. You have been busy, Kerrie. That is a lovely photo of you and Karah. I bet it will be a bit quieter now those cute puppies have gone to their new homes.

  7. It's nice to see you again...and I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas.
    And yes your dd would be very proud of her daughter. Take care of yourself over this silly season. Xox


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