Sunday, 28 October 2018

I'm Not Lost.....Just Busy......
I have finally taken a break and I see 2018 has nearly disappeared. There has been so much happening I don't know where to start - such a shock to see so many photos on my phone when I started sorting them this afternoon.

My little Hoep-aliscious turned 1 - pictured here with mum and dad and the birthday cake.

Ollie started preschool - so very pleased to be going to his 'big school'.

Ruben started Kindergarten - my oh my where have those years gone.

Isabella came into our worls in February.

Another 4 generation photo to add to my collection.
Mum with us on a day visit - she loves her grandies and great grandies.

11 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. Mum turned 86 in March. Travelling well health wise but not so good with her memory.

Very proud of his Decorated Biscuits - a practice run for a CWA event.

Bella Boo with her Aunties big blue eyes - every time I see her I think of Naomi.

This and the next photo are my two favourite photos of 2018.

Ollie and Nan have always had a very special bond.

My new 'baby' - not so little anymore.

Yes I have managed to get in a little bit of crafting.

Love the C2C - second one started 

Bought the yarn on special - has made up nicely.

Bought this yarn on special from Spotlight many years ago - always thought it was Bamboo yarn but when I read the label after finishing this it is Soy Yarn - lovely and soft and snuggly.

I ran 'Go Green Shopping Bag Workshop' for our CWA branch - this bag is a simple tote bag made from rubber backed curtaining.

This one I drafted the pattern from a plastic shopping bag - it actually turned out really well right down to the corflute insert to strengthen the bottom!!

I got busy making crochet hats this year - was really happy with this pattern.
I have heaps more photos but I will leave it at that for tonight - I will do another sort for the next post.