Tuesday, 23 December 2014


So close to Christmas and tomorrow will be super busy - we have gone from being on our own all day to 3 of our sons and families coming to join us for a while. I think I have 2 for lunch so that will mean heaps more vegies and desert, and the other coming for dinner so that will mean heaps more salad and desert!!! Our eldest son has just moved 4 hrs away last weekend so they will be staying put for Christmas. It will be bittersweet for us all being the first Christmas without Naomi, but we will have 7 grandies to keep us all busy.
And it is that time of the year when some of our swap mummas are getting their registrations organised for their first swaps of 2015
Chez has put the call out for her yearly swap to start the year off. You can read all about it and register over HERE!!!
This is a great swap to start the year off with!!
Julie is again running her Australia Day Swap!! So if you want to play a part in some sort of good old "mate ship" and show some kindness to a fellow person and give some lovin' pop over to HERE and sign up!!!
Both swaps are a lot of fun!!!
To each and every one of my bloggy friends - thank you for all of your love, support and kind words and gestures through out 2014  and
my very best wishes for a happy, peaceful Christmas shared with loved ones and treasured friends!!
May 2015 bring to you Good Health, Much happiness, heaps of Fun and Lots of Laughter!!!!

Monday, 22 December 2014


Soooooo SPOILT again!!! This time from the lovely PEG who was my Swap sender/partner in the 'Let's Stitch Together' Swap online group hosted by Marie (this is the groups last swap as the group is closing).
I remember commenting on Peg's blog post about this sewing machine cover - never thinking it would be coming my way!!! It is very comfortable in it's new home and doing it's job very well!!

3 delightful Christmas ornaments - now to find a place for them!!
And look at that stack of fabric!!! Beautiful coordinating prints and colours - the thinking cap is on - what can I make for myself from these!!!

Something yummy to eat - and I love soft jelly lollies!!!
A cute little snowman hanger/table topper and one of Peg's trademark covered journal/diaries (mine is 2015 diary - and I usually have three diaries in operation!!!)

A beautiful angel wall hanging; a sweet little pincushion with scissors in their own holder; some embroidery thread and a beautiful pattern.

And the wall hanging from the Gail Pan '..........................' book - all members of the group had to choose one of two designs and make a wall hanging for their partner. This is such a sweet design. 
I told you I was spoilt didn't I!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU dear Peg - I love them all.  I have been a little naughty and have opened all of the gifts - Karah wanted to see what I had received - she was very impressed!!
There was also a cup filled with coffee sachets (no photo because I forgot to take one!!) - it has been used several times and a couple of the sachets have already been used because I forgot to buy coffee yesterday!!
Rheis and I drove Karah to Coonabarabran on Saturday. We left here on Saturday morning at 4.45am and arrived back home at 7.15pm. A long day but it wasn't too bad - I didn't have to drive at all - Rheis did all of that - I can remember (because I do have some brain cells still working in my old age!!) being able to drive all day when my children were little; but those times have long gone - I get tired very quickly now. We stopped twice going up and twice coming back - bought ourselves something to eat and a drink and went and sat in a park for 20 mins - that broke the trip for us and made the travelling a bit easier.
I am thinking that the next trip will be over a few days and I will stop off and catch up with some of my bloggy friends on the way!! A little bit of socialising will make the trip much easier I am sure!!
That's it from me - have a great week everybody!!

Friday, 19 December 2014

SWAP TIME - it comes around so fast!!!

I have plodded my way through the last 6 months of this year - and the swaps I have been a part of have been hard work - that is until they have arrived at their destination (a bit late). And then I am on a high - especially after opening my swap parcels which of course have been here from well before the posting date!!
yesterday was opening day for the Secret Santa Swap hosted by CHERYL . My partner was ILLENE and wasn't I spoilt. A big fat parcel of swappy goodness!!!
Now see the scissors and fob.... well the fob is actually a brooch - now how clever is that!! Sweet pincushion and very handy needle case.

Beautiful covered pattern folder (I will need to make some more of these if I ever get my sewing room organised!!) with a pattern for a rather cute mug rug!!

Now get a look at this gorgeous bundle - scarf, tote bag and beautiful covered coat hanger - I do so love these (Karah thinks the scarf is the best because she loves purple and she has been wanting one of these scarves for a long time!! - I don't recall her name being on it though!).
And look at these delightful Christmas wall hangings!! Have you noticed there is a theme going on here - Illene has stalked my blog and knows I like the colour purple!!
Coccies, card, Christmas decoration and a candle (photo doesn't do that justice at all). Now haven't I been so very spoilt.

And Illene also packed a little gift for Karah too - a lovely little wooden owl that can be cross stitched PLUS this rather funny pig with lollies (you put the lollies in one end and they come out the other - I will let you decide which way they go!!) Karah was most impressed with the owl (she does have a little thing for them) and got the giggles over the pig!!!!
THANKYOU so much illene - I love it all - they are so beautiful and will be shown off to everyone I meet!!!
And these are what I sent Illene.
A recipe folder, pretty cup, jazzy scarf, xmas tea towel, a little book, and some
a sweet little purse pattern, a skinny pinny (pincushion), some beautiful soaps (which I nearly kept for myself they smelt so nice), a vintage linen hanky an applique tea towel and a little red pouch.

The pink and green key ring was Karah's little gift to Illene she made it herself).
I do have another swap (from Peg) to post about, but I will have to do that on Sunday - I am leaving at 4am tomorrow morning (with rheis, Ollie and Karah) to do a 14 hour round trip to meet Karah's dad so she can spend the next 3 weeks with him.
But first I have to go and peel vegies for 3 men, 3 kids and myself (trucks are being loaded with grain and hay and straw) - roast lam and baked vegies - I am hanging out for it dinner as I haven't had roast lamb for sooooooo long.
Have a great weekend everyone and I will be back next to post about the beautiful gifts that Peg sent me in the let's Stitch Together swap!!

Monday, 1 December 2014


This week it is in the mid thirties with showers predicted every day - I wish!!
We did get a heavy short shower late yesterday afternoon.
Had to take some photos so I can look at them to keep believing we did!

This is Jazzie, (Karah's best friend) who has 1 pup (Sasha). This hot humid weather has been a bit hard on Sasha so I have been bringing her inside in the cool of the aircon. Jazzie also has to come inside to keep an eye on her baby!! A close eye that is - even if the bed is too small for you!!
So today I have been playing with my purchases from our Bathurst Bloggers weekend!
Look at these beautiful fabrics - have lots of ideas for them - just have to find the time to get creating!!

I just couldn't help myself, I had to have one of every shade - I love using felt when I can find the time!

More patterns, braid and template. The patterns are for the felt above!
The top photo below are the goodies that I won in a give away on CHERYLL'S a while back. It didn't arrive in the post so Cheryll so very kindly brought this parcel along to the blog meet for me. Thank you Cheryll - I am just a little bit spoilt!

On the bottom of the lower photo is one of CHOOKY'S - she very generously gave one to each of us attending the meet in Bathurst. The 3 pieces of fabric were what I won in the lucky Foil Wrapped present Draws. I did start making tiny hexagons from 2 of the fabrics on the Saturday night in Bathurst - to be what I am not sure yet!
So not only did I have a fabulous weekend (and I want to repeat it every weekend) in the company of wonderful creative bloggers, I also had a great time shopping!!!

Monday, 24 November 2014

There Was Movement.............

There was movement at the Convent
Word had got Around;
A Band of Batty Bloggers
Were taking over their Ground!
They were coming from all directions
Some from near and some from afar;
One hitched a ride in a plane
but most rolled up in a car!
Fabric and Thread, Food and Drink
and Fun and Laughter was on the Agenda
It was to be the Highlight
of their November! 

For more Fabric and Thread
It was Planned to do some Shopping
Then back for lunch
And some present Swapping

All sorts of Surprises to Unwrap
Each one was so Good
It Deserved a Clap!

New Skills were Learnt
and Old ones Practised
New projects were started
and old ones were finished,
And some of us just socialised
because work we weren't!!
Some stayed Up late to continue their Toil
Others slept early
Their Shopping they would not Spoil

Eating was such a Pleasure
we ate to our Hearts Content because
Vicki our House Mother was an absolute Treasure!!

Outside it was Hot and Dry
no sign of Relief
could be Seen on the Horizon;
But guess who drove through a Storm on her way Home
and nearly stopped driving
because we had no vision!!

So now we are back to our daily grind,
Our Bathurst Bloggers meet
we have all left behind;
With our purchases, presents, photos and memories
our lives will be complete;
until next year when Bathurst is where
 we Batty Bloggers will Meet!!!!
Thanks must go to our Bathurst Blog meet Mumma
for organising a fabulous weekend.
And thank you to each of the Batty Bloggers who attended for making it a weekend of fun, laughs and inspiration!!!!
That is all from me today - I will be back later in the week to show you my beautiful swap present and all the goodies I purchased!!
Have a great week!!

Saturday, 15 November 2014


A late night last night and a sleep in this morning - really don't have the energy to do anything I should be doing today so I have been wandering around outside. A horrible 42deg here yesterday with a hot wind - depressing weather - today is a cool 24deg and no wind! rain predicted for late this afternoon and boy do we need it. Our irrigation quotas are reduced and as we have only a small amount to play with at full supply the garden watering has been cut back. But on my wanders I have found the old faithfuls are still flowering and a few surprises!
I can always count on the roses to brighten my day - even when they are at their flowering end they are still beautiful!

It is Mulberry season - nearly to the end - picking this afternoon to make some Jam. Corn is growing well, the new fruit trees are surviving well ( a couple of the 8 new ones) and tomatoes on the plants!
It is dry - the paddock above was lush and green with a mix of feeds 6 weeks ago. The feeder is for feeding my sons horses twice a day.

These fellas are very busy - usually a sure sign of rain - we have had a couple of light sprinkles - hope the forecast is correct for 40 points later this afternoon.

This will grow anywhere though no matter how dry - it is on the banks of a supply channel so it has had a couple of good soakings when the Lucerne is being watered.
Bella peering out from underneath mum's kennel - best to check what is going on before venturing out. 

Bella, Whiskey, Jim and Bob - my eldest son's working dog's litter. I am very partial to Whisky (I do go for the more unusual looking animals). The father is a German Coolie (one of my favourite working dogs) hence the multi colours.
Feed time is exhausting. Mum is not a good feeder (excels in everything else a mother does) so we have been feeding them everyday.

My all time favourite friend at the moment - Kinky (he has a kink in his tail). Another one of my sons working dogs but he gets so excited when I am outside near him and is so affectionate to me that I would break the rule of 'no male dogs' for him!! below him is Adam's other litter - these are some sort of cross that he uses for hunting. Of course my favourite one is the multi coloured!!! (I don't like brown or black horses either!!! multi coloured, palamino, dunns etc are).
Nothing gets thrown out on this place!! The old stoker is down the driveway - that is ok because I am slowly getting the old stuff lined up down the drive and planting bottle brushes behind them - a feature of sorts). The same with the old chaff cutter. The 3 tier stand is storing... you guessed it - keep that it might come in handy - it would look much better in my garden with plants on it!!!

More of - keep it just in case - the old Fiat sat just there for 5 years while they worked on it - they used it for a couple of months and parked it back there because something isn't working - guess another five years might see it fixed!! two views of some of the 'keep it just in case' behind the hay shed. And the next picture tells it's own story. Weeds and roly poly growing up through it - it will be hiding in a couple of years!!!lol
What else do you do on a lazy cool morning - sleep of course. Lady is well retired and the matriarch of the place. Libby is just very fat and lazy!! Just a snap of across the paddock nearest to me - Lucerne growing for the second cut and the remaining bales of the first cut to be picked up.
More junk - but see those darker small spots - RAINDROPS!!! And see the circular ripples on the dam - RAINDROPS. Then it went away!! maybe it will come back as they are saying!!
No sewing or craft to show - what I have been able to get done is all secret! getting very excited for next weekend - I so need a great weekend away and the Bathurst Bloggers Meet is shaping up to be a fabulous weekend of fun, laughs, eating and drinking and laughing and shopping and the list goes on!! this afternoon is shaping up to be lazy also - maybe a little bit of sewing!
have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Each year in October the Griffith Garden Festival is held. Local gardeners open their gardens for the public with gate takings going to various charities in the town. Each year I visit one garden. This year it was a town garden, the owner is elderly but she was able to open it this year with help from family and friends.
There is only one tiny patch of lawn at the front. The rest of the front and the back yards are garden. Most of the plants have been sourced from friends and family, many a s cuttings. The owner opened her garden for many years but had to stop when insurance became an issue. I had been going to visit it every year for a number of years but missed out. I was so pleased when I learnt it was opening again.

Karah and mum, seated in one of the little nooks; and the view across the back yard. This is my style of gardening; - all the work has been done by the owner and her late husband; and every available space is used.
Every year, a feature of the festival is the Citrus Sculpture Display in the main street. I took the photos at night, the sculptures are lit up all night with huge overhead lights - there have been instances of vandalism - the glare from the lights has affected some of the photos.

The sculptures are set up and maintained by business houses, schools and community groups from within Griffith.

It started out with a few and has grown to over 60 this year.

It is really quite spectacular.

If you look close to a couple of them you will see Karah posing within - tourists from all walks of life spend a couple of hours looking, photographing and posing with them all.

If you ever get the chance to come to the festival do it. There are usually 7 - 8 gardens open, both urban and rural, and each one unique and a different style!
I am off to the kitchen to put some chicken soup on. I fell in a big heap yesterday - think the last 8 months has caught up in one big whammy. Every joint is aching, back pain, stomach cramps, nausea, coughing, runny nose - time to hide from the world for a few days I think. Probably a time to look at diet and the pace of my life also. maybe a new me coming up - but first the chicken soup and back to bed for a few hours!!