Friday, 17 August 2012

Cold, windy, sleety, then sunny windy and sleety, back to cold windy and sleety... that sums up today. Impossible to do anything outside and to top of the day I am into the 4th day od the dreaded flu. So what to do on a day like this!!
First up some nourishment - the easiest way to do this is a pot of chicken and vegie soup!
Chicken, fresh vegies, dried soup mix - I feel better just smelling it simmering away on the stove!

What to do now. My ever so slow clean up and sort out uncovered my two favourite sewing boxes which in turn uncovered several works in progress. So today just might be filled with getting them out and doing a bit more on each of them whilst sitting in front of the heater! Mind you when I say works in progress they have been on the go for about 4 years. I get bored if I only have one thing to do, and they have been forgotten for the last 12 months!

The big square one was a christmas gift from my husband which was a change from the usual gift card! and the little blue round one was from a beautiful friend who is no longer with us.

Both sewing boxes revealed a treasure trove of works ...

ahhh that is where the crinoline ladies have been hiding...

Did I say about 4 years in the making... these cows have been out to pasture for longer than that!!!

And this wool embroidered cot blanket too!
Now to work out which one I am going to do some more on today. The weekend is actually looking a little brighter now - a crafty weekend for me is something I haven't done in a long time
, always too busy making for our market stalls!!
Hope the weather is better where you are, if not I hope you are planning something fulfilling and fun inside.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Full of good intentions etc I decided to joining Posie Patchwork's #2012Posie Limp Bits Challenge!

Had the first week all organised. Trying a new recipe for pork chops which I find boring! Go to get my camera and.....CANNOT FIND IT!!!!
2 weeks down the track I still cannot find the camera! Everyone I ask says yes they seen it (all on the same night I might add) on the lounge. Now I know I didn't use it between that night and the new meal night.
Anyhow I am now using a camera borrowed from my daughter (and my camera will turn up eventually I hope!)

For the second challenge I decided it was time to have a go at knitting up some 8ply handspun yarn that I have had for a couple of years. Why is this a challenge? Well for the past 4 years I have only knitted with 10mm needle and upwards... and I wasn't looking forward to going back to the 4.50mm needles required to knit up the handspun wool!

On the bottom of the photo are the size needles I have been knitting with and on top what I was going to knit with. I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to the time it would take to knit a garment iether, that is why I chose a baby's cardigan!!

This is the back! I added stripes because I don't like knitting ordinary old stocking stitch for too long, and instead of doing rib at the top I have finally mastered Moss Stitch!!! I have always knitted patterns but moss stitch was one that I always messed up. Well this time I didn't!!

And these are the two fronts!! Now all I have to do are the sleeves and then the worst part of all.... stitching together (oh how I hate that part!!). But onward I shall go and I WILL FINISH IT!!!