Saturday, 28 September 2013


Just a quick post - this past week has just disappeared due to my mother being quite ill.
We have finally been able to get her into hospital and she is now stabilised and we can breathe a bit easier and relax - big learning curve about speaking up for both our mother and my sisters.
The 21st went off really well - photos not so good - my camera wasn't playing nice and I should have organised the family photos earlier in the night before all the celebrating started!!!lol
Our four sons are all standing: Adam (33) Rheis (28) Isaac (21) and Nathan (31) standing behind myself & Greg (no ages for us tho!!). The next row has the boys partners - Tamara, Sarah, Nikkita and Natasha. Our daughter, Naomi, is kneeling behind the 3 grandchildren that were present - Abbey, Karah & Lachlan. baby Oliver was sound asleep, Ruben was at home with his other grandmother and step siblings - all were fighting off colds and flu.
Lots of good memories from the night - as you get with 5 adult siblings getting together and celebrating, add to the mix Isaac's friends that have been coming and going on and off for a number of years and there were some funny (and dare I say 'drunk) moments.
I will be back tomorrow with updates on the 'normal' mundane day to day happenings!!

Friday, 20 September 2013

A Happy / Sad but Special Day

At 4.30am on September 20th 1992 the baby of my 'Favourite Five' came into this world.
He has been and still is my pride and joy, my best mate, my shadow, and the owner of one sixth of my heart. He has made me smile, laugh, and cry; he has made quite a contribution to the change to my hair colour (and the cost to remedy that!!!lol).
He came into this world a gentle soul, who we know has been here before. He battled his way through school and determinedly gained his Year 12 certificate with a severe learning problem. he is brave enough to go skydiving at 17, something his mother will never do!!
He has a huge heart, a big grin, a temper that is not often seen but when it is we all run for cover!!!
Fiercely independent, but incredibly giving to those he loves.
Happy 21st Birthday to my grown up baby.
May all your dreams come true!!

Monday, 16 September 2013


FINALLY!!!!! It has rained! And lovely widespread soaking in rain!!

And see the rain across the front paddock - it drizzled all day - about 80pts (20mm) of beautiful rain!!
I took this when there was a lull in the rain - didn't want to get my camera soaked!! The wheat farmers are very happy - their crops will finish well now!
I am happy - my garden got a good soaking of natural rain water full of all those beautiful life giving natural elements!!

And while I was away over the weekend - the Wisteria really burst into bloom.
beautiful long, graceful flowers - a sign that the back veranda will have lots of green leaf shade this summer!! Purple and green - 2 of my favourite colours!!

Lachlan's footy team won their grand final on Saturday so our trip back to Wee Jasper was well worth it (although the cold did bring on a relapse of croup). When he got back home we decided we would go for a drive up to the township of Wee Jasper. this is the bridge we had to cross to get to the 'township' (half a dozen houses and of course a 'pub'). lucky I didn't get to fully see the underneath of that bridge before I crossed 9too busy watching the narrow road) - I may very well have stayed on this side if I had!!
We drove up, up and up; then down, and down through the cut ins (hairpin bends, narrow road and sheer drops to the side of the road) and came across this amazing plateaux - crisp, green, fabulous land forms and scenery!!

mountain rivers and creeks always have fresh, crisp water don't they!!

Friendly Faces Helping Hands - this is my newest favourite foundation - pop over and read Kelly's story and what she has done since to help country families of patients in large city hospitals. From my own experience it is daunting and stressful to find your way, cope financially and emotionally. Kelly's foundation eases the way for the family members!!
Please pop over and share the website with anyone who is facing this type of thing at any time.

Friday, 13 September 2013


Up bright and early this morning. Lachlan and I headed back to Wee Jasper - he has his football grand final tomorrow - they are playing at the Canberra Stadium - that alone was enough to convince him to come home for the weekend!! We took a leisurely trip stopping here and there to take photos - not something I generally do - it did serve the purpose of keeping me awake - I fell asleep on the drive back to Hanwood 2 weeks ago and I was very wary about driving a long distance again.
Wheat paddocks flanked either side of the road - all in dire need of some good rain (which is predicted for this weekend). Some are starting to brown off from the heat we have been having which is not good - if the rains come the crops will fill and finish nicely and give the farmers a good season.

If it wasn't wheat crops it was canola - in varying stages along the way - the further east we travel the later the crops are planted and harvested. Beautiful paddocks of bright, fresh yellow!
The BIG tennis racket & ball at Barellan - in honour of Yvonne Goolagong - this is her hometown.

At Temora a tribute to Paleface Adios - one of Australia's famous pacers.

Hopefully this is large enough to read.
This is Mountain Creek which we cross on the Wee Jasper Rd on the way to my son's home.

I have said every time we have crossed it that I am going to take photos.

Well today I did. It is a refreshing, pretty area around the creek.

A tree again - this one is dead - I don't know how long it has been dead but I do wonder how long it will stay standing - it towers majestically over all the other trees in the garden up here.
It is also a favourite resting perch for the sulphur crested cockatoos!! 

This caught my eye late this afternoon - I have walked passed it numerous times but this is the first time I actually looked at it - the rain tank that once collected the water from the roof of the original old house on the property.
And a couple of teaser photos .....
I have actually managed to spend some time sewing this week.
Secret sewing projects for 2 secret swaps I am taking part in.

So guess what I will be doing up here this weekend.....
Lots of hand sewing, drinking tea/coffee on the veranda (that is if there are no freezing winds) other wise I will be inside next to the fire hand sewing!!

Monday, 9 September 2013


I volunteer 2 mornings a week at The Pioneer park here in Griffith. This morning I was greeted by a big bunch of Freesias on the counter when I arrived.
Turns out they are growing wild across the road on one of the walking trails around the hill.
Apparently when people have been too lazy to go to the local landfill with their lawn clippings
they have dumped on our Scenic Hill. Amongst those lawn clippings have been freesia bulbs and flowers. These in turn have multiplied and created a beautiful addition to this particular walking trail.

So having gone for a little walk to check them out, I had to have a little bunch to bring home for myself. So now I my house has the sweet gentle fragrance of Freesias!!!
Such gentle pastel colours to match the fragrance!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rain is What We Need!

My little offsider and I have had a tiring couple of days - but not through hard work I can tell you.
Lachlan has come down with bronchitis and an ear infection - just what we needed when mum and dad are 2363km away!!! I have 3 nights of broken sleep - very bad croup, high temps and lots of yelling out in the little bit of sleep he did have!!
Finally able to get in and see a doctor today and we have all the dope to clear him up!!
here he is tonight trying to eat a little bit of tea - not the happiest little man.
His favourite Uncle Isaac getting bogged (in loose dirt) this afternoon pepped him up for about an hour! He was needed to drive the forklift while Isaac pulled it out backwards!!

As you can see 'We Need Rain'!!!! It is very dry here and it is making us think we are in for a dry summer... and also a hot summer with the spring temps being around 28deg Celsius so early in the season!!!
And on the way home it was Lachy's turn to get bogged!

And the favourite uncle pulled him out of his own bog!!

This sewing room is a slow and steady job. I now have two walls and the ceiling painted.
Just another wall to paint white, another one to build, cupboards to paint white, sewing table to paint white, hang a fluorescent from the ceiling and one above the sewing table, and..... paint the floor!!
Maybe another 6 months and I will be able to use it!!!
Well, this tired little duck is heading off to bed to what hopefully I a night of better sleep!!

Monday, 2 September 2013


Following on from last Thursday being busy with our new baby, Friday was spent getting ready for a garage sale, Saturday was taken up with the Garage Sale, Sunday I drove to Wee Jasper to pick up my grandson who is staying with us for 2 weeks, and today we drove back home.
The Garage Sale - thank goodness most of it was sold and we didn't have to pack it all up!! 
This was only half of what we had!!
I think this is called a 'Japonica' - these are everywhere in the garden where my son is living near Wee Jasper. They are a stunning plant - but I changed my mind about taking some cuttings to strike when I found the thorns!!
This old Peppercorn Tree (goodness knows how old) has just kept on growing even when the main branch fell over!! These are one of my favourite trees - but they do have a problem with borers of some type - when a branch breaks of it is generally hollow!!
Red Parrots were everywhere. Not the best picture as It was taken with the iphone and I couldn't get any closer!! Loved watching them flit from tree to tree.
And my little offsider, grandson Lachlan jumped out of the car when we arrived home, searched the sheds for an hour to find fuel (I am hoping it was the correct fuel!!! - the lawn mower was actually going so that is a good start!!); and then he spent the next 2 hours mowing.

he knows I am taking a photo so there are no smiles.
Now we are about to have a sausage in bread for dinner and then heading to bed for an early night!!