Wednesday 26 December 2018

Christmas Has Come and Gone.....

Well here it is Boxing Day - Christmas is a memory - always a busy build up and gone in a wink.
I didin't make any Christmas gifts this year. I have been working and along with keeping up with the watering and the everyday chores I didn't have time to be making and for once I didn't push myself into doing it!!!
The end of the year is always so busy with CWA - Annual Group Conference, Branch Conference, Christmas Party and putting together our Annual donation to our local hospital Children's ward.

Each year we make pillowslips for the children to take home - christmas prints and everyday prints. We also make bags and put together activity items (pencils, colouring books etc) and emergency personal care bags (deoderants, soap, toothbruch, toothpaste & tissues). 

The children love them, the parents are grateful when their children receive them and the nurses are always happy to see us come through the door laden with our bags of goodies. Our problem is that we always leave it to the end of the year to do the making and collecting. So next year a couple of us are going to start the sewing in January!!!

I did manage to do a little bit of felting - Felted Soaps that a few friends ordered to give as christmas gifts. I really enjoyed doing these - I haven't done any felting for years - the bug has bitten and I plan to get back into it during 2019. 

We have been fortunate to have our sweet mum with us for another Christmas. This photo was taken at lunch time at the nursing home. She had a great time at the Christmas Lunch but by late afternoon when I picked her up to have Christmas tea with us she had forgotten about it..... and slept on a lounge chair for most of the time. She is slowly fading away from us - dementia is a horrid end to a beautiful gentle life.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas shared with your loved ones and friends.


  1. Time passes so quickly and before we realise the new year will fly by again. What fantastic gifts you all make to take to the hospital.. I'm sure all well received. Starting early is a good idea.
    Love the felt soaps...
    Lovely photo of Mum and nice for you to have her for another Christmas...

  2. I was the recipient of an emergency personal care bag once and I can testify that it was very much welcome and gratefully received, the local hospital is fortunate to have your the felted soaps, Guild is talking about doing some this year and now I've seen yours I'm even more keen to give it a go (no doubt it will be at day group when I'm at work though).

  3. It was a lovely surprise to see you pop up on my blog Kerrie. As I always do, I thought of you when I put those lovely prim ornaments you sent me in a swap, oh years back, on my tree. You were busy leading up to Christmas and those bags for the hospital are such a good idea. I knit little stockings for Knitting for Brisbane's Needy, who distribute them where I rush to make a few at the end of November, and like your CWA ladies, I always say I'm going tstart in January and knit a couple each week....hmmm, a week into January and I haven't picked up my needles yet lol I hope you have more success. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2019.


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