Sunday, 8 November 2015


They just keep on coming around don't they!!!
Some sewing to show - 4 finished water bottle carriers (lined with a face washer) - some for Christmas gifts and some for a market table.
Tea towels - again some for Christmas gifts and some for a market table - 22 altogether!
And there they lie patiently waiting for me - they will be all used by the end of the week!
Beauty in the garden - they are short lived but what a show when they do flower!!

they take my eye off the weeds growing around them!! They are doing double duty!
These do triple duty - they get me out of the house and filling my face at the same time; they tell me summer is officially only a few weeks away and they are the start of the preserving season!!
Wakey Wakey! It is breakfast time!!

These little monsters are pure bred Labradors - my girl of 7 years old had her first litter and ISN'T having anymore - she has never been very fussed about puppies of any sort and not too fussed with these - they are 4 weeks old and she only visits them once a day!! So guess who has been feeding them.

I have started using what ever is lying around to plant things in - bird cages look good with plants - and I don't have to feed succulents everyday either!!

A pretty bonus from the garden
I didn't realise just how many roses I have (and still planting) - lovely to pick them as buds and watch them open up day by day eventually flowing over the edge of the vase.

That is the end of the wrap up. have a great week everyone!


  1. So many lovely tea towels, and drink bottle carriers. Never thought of that idea before. An abundance in your garden and some lovely blooms. It is good to enjoy nature's bounty.

  2. Looks as if you have been busy....but then you always seem to fit a lot in your week. Those Labrador puppies are adorable. They will keep you busy. Gorgeous photos, one of the joys of Summer.

  3. You have been busy ...looks fantastic... Garden looks good😍😍

  4. You have lots accomplished with the sewing! I like the bottle carrier idea, and your tea towels are so pretty. This gives me an idea for one last item I need for a swap I'm working through for Christmas ;) Sounds like your gardening is quickly working into full-time work now. Ours is pretty much at an end with the frosts (and soon snow). I've always admired the birdcage succulent plantings, and looks like yours will be filling in very quickly. The puppies are adorable! Too bad the mom isn't helping out a bit more. I imagine you'll be selling them? Enjoy your week Kerrie :)

  5. You have created some beautiful projects. The garden is looking great. Yummy mulberries... Like the idea of the bird cage... What a cute litter of pups but a lot of work no wonder Mum only feeds them once a day. Love your roses Kerri.

  6. oh all those puppies, cute! thanks for the look around your pretty garden, it's candy for the eyes & for the tummy!

  7. Hi Kerrie ,wow you sure have been busy,I love those tea towels you made,the market table is doing well. And how adorable are those sweet little puppies,what a shame the mum isn't fussed on them. Oh your garden is magnificent ,Thankyou for sharing it with us,enjoy your evening Kerrie xx

  8. Great post and some great ideas. Lining the water bottle carriers with face washers is brilliant!
    Those puppies would be a handful but just so adorable :)
    Gorgeous roses.


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