Saturday, 17 September 2016

And Winter is Gone...

Winter has come and gone and spring is here.
And I have been hibernating - well one would think that because my last post was wayyyyyyy back in April. I haven't been really - just very busy with the everyday things in life and trying to stay dry and warm!!!

There as been colour in my winter somewhere - beautiful leaves or

bright little splashes of flowers and fruit

now though, they are hard to find among the weeds! (and the weeding cycle continues - this is a big long task this year because I have been hibernating inside away from the rain, cold wind and sunless days!)

not much crafting as been done but it has been colourful and fun

finally using some of my 'yarn snob' yarns

outside it has been wet and dreary, rain is now a weekly event!!
no time for the ground to dry out.

a lot of time spent with winter family

and a little bit of winter preserving and getting ready for spring and summer preserving.

an end of winter family addition - William Eric Brill born 23rd August

William and Oliver - a very proud big brother

and the nicest part of winter

Spring of course has brought with it some warmer sunny days, flu bugs and a sick Karah - hopefully she will start to be on the mend over the weekend.
And of course this weekend is the Bathurst Bloggers Meet and I of course couldn't go - I KNOW the girls will be having a fabulous time and look forward to seeing many blog posts and heaps of photos!!
Time for this little beaver to hibernate for the night - lots planned around the house tomorrow and maybe a little stitching on Sunday!!