Friday, 29 March 2013

Easy, gentle Good Friday

Every year I spend Good Friday at our local Pioneer Park Museum.
It is a day where all the old machinery is started up by volunteers (lots of over 50's men),
entertainment is provided by young talented local singers, various carnival providers
(eg pony rides), and my craft group sets up a display and sales tables in the 'Dumossa Inn.
This is our craft room where we meet on the third Saturday of each month. It is hard to believe this group numbered over 100 in the 1980's - made up of spinners, weavers, tatters, lace makers, patch workers, embroiderer;s, felters.
Over the years members have passed on, moved, smaller groups have formed having get together at each others houses, - life in general has changed how people craft.
Currently we have 5 members, and we continue to meet monthly, and support the Pioneer Park. These photos show some of our wares on the trading tables, and all of the quilts belong to one member (she is a prolific crafter and gives most of it away as gifts)

Wandering and unwinding late this afternoon I came across what is regarded as weed but one of my favourite weeds (for the flower only - my Scots ancestry coming through here) - the Scotch Thistle.
 I just feel whole when I see one of these even if it is amongst all the Bathurst Burrs and weed grasses that are going to meet their demise this weekend!!!

And the ratbags when they are at their best - sound asleep, together so I know where they are.
Time for this little black duck to get some sleep - I have had a lovely day, with heaps of lovely people, a lovely fish and vegie tea, finished with my favourite but rarely imbibed Scotch and Dry, and finally watched a light hearted movie.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Weekend!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

On Track With The Busy Week

Half of the heat packs are finished and ready to be put into their nice cellophane bags with tags!

The remaining half will be a Saturday job. Finished a notepad cover that I started back in January! This is the front (sorry about the photo quality - don't know why the camera is doing that) - the heart is a pocket for my pens and pencil.

And this is the back - I am thinking that I should have taken the photo in the day time not at night with the flash.
The clean up in the old house started on track today. My daughter got into the back veranda - still a ways to go with that. I attacked my never ending sewing and craft supplies....

Yes I do know where I have put things - although I have been reducing and will do a proper sort next week. have to get rid of the rubbish/unusable stuff first though!!

At least now I know what I have and can see it, and it is easy to access. For so long everything has been in the land of 'MESSY". It will be so good next week when I have finished sorting the 'keep it' stuff into labelled containers.

And this photo show half of the containers that I have emptied - why oh why do I have to keep every scrap, odd bits of threads etc - so good to have this clean out......

I am going to be really tough from now on - not going to keep this and that for maybe one day - that day never comes (as I keep telling the MOTHS with their sheds full of 'it will come in handy one day'). It is so good to be able to see what I have that has to be started and finished (so many things that I have planned to make for the gift box that I am going to get made this year), and I haven't taken a photo of the UFO boxes yet (yes people I said boxes) - might have to have a serious think about some of the UFO's - the ones sitting there because I really don't like them or have lost interest may have to be culled!!
Well, time to get some shut eye (it is only 1.30am and I am wide awake), the morning is drawing closer and another busy day ahead.

Monday, 25 March 2013

One Christmas Item A Month

Nearly forgot - it is the 25th and that One Xmas Item a month time. pop Over to to see what all of the other
lovely participants have made this month

A wall hanging that can now hang on the wall at Christmas time instead of
 hanging around the UFO box!!!
Very happy indeed to have this finished!
Now to get into the rest of what I have planned for this week. Wednesday sees my daughter and I going through the old house and really being hard and chucking out - skip bin is waiting to be filled!
Tuesday will see me at the machine madly making all different sized wheat/lavender heat packs - 2 big market days this Easter weekend and not one heat pack (one of my best sellers!!)
A couple of hours in the vegie garden each day clearing away the tree branches that fell a couple of weeks ago (I am already behind with the winter vegie planting).
And try to find a handyman builder to remove another window, put a window in a bedroom, and put in a wall so I can finish my sewing/craft room.
Have a lovely evening!!!!


Well, a rough 10 days we have had, but this week sees me getting back on track and plans in place. All injured parties are well on the mend, we are back to just the 2 of us, even managed to get 2 days away!! We headed off to west Wyalong on thursday night, then onto Cowra on Friday - had a look around the town, slept half the day away and didn't get to see the gardens! That will be another trip back which is no hardship - beautiful countryside and town.

The view from the lookout at Cowra - we had our late afternoon tea here.

The Rose garden at the Tourist Information Centre. Would love to see it in spring when all 200 varieties are in flower. This is just one half of it.

Also at the tourist Information centre is this majestic fellow. He took my fancy because he is made from metal and stands so tall!!
There is so much to see in Cowra relating to the POW camp that a day and a half is just wasting your time. We will go back for 3 or 4 days and spend more time checking everything out.
And I have finished this - it was started a few years ago so I am very happy to see it done and dusted.
our sewing group meet again tomorrow night so that will see another item completed and gone from the UFO list!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

If It Doesn't Rain!!!!

.... it jolly well pours here!!
Three weeks ago my beautiful girl Libby Lou just disappeared. She never wandered, stayed around the house yard mostly. She couldn't jump into the back of a Ute, nor climb into a car - in fact in all of her 4 years she never tried to get into a car. I advertised, people were ringing and messaging me if they seen a dog remotely like her, but no sign of her anywhere. And we searched and searched, over and over the farm, the roads around us etc.
Sunday (while we were away) I had a call from a lady in town, and she is sure she has my dog. In town mind you - 9km away. We organised to meet today to have a look at the dog she had found. It couldn't possibly be Libs - could it.
Well..... YES YES YES it was. She plodded up to me, tail wagging, fat wobbling, sat and waited for the usual cuddle and pat!! Then moved across to MOTH for the usual scruffing up, pulling of the ears, slapping of the back and sides all the time sitting with her eyes closed!
We had found my girl and very happy we were. Greg as usual had to lift her into the back of the Ute and home she came!!
FINALLY!!! Something nice and good has happened this year. That happiness wasn't to last long though. 5 hours later our 2 grandchildren came up from the paddock in tears - Milly had run under the forklift and had died. They begged MOTH to take to the vet to make her 'alive' again (oh the innocence and faith of children).

RIP my little friend - we had just 6 months of your shenanigans and loyalty and love. You were a brave little lady taking on anything or anyone who might be a threat to me; my lounge chair will be a lot more roomy now as I have it all to myself; the cats will enjoy their meals in peace and actually get some of it.

Now, tonight I have decided that my life and my home are NO ENTRY zones for things that can go wrong - the rest of 2013 IS going to be on the up and up.

On a brighter note, my son spent the afternoon getting around outside without crutches, and I get to have a full nights sleep in my own bed - what more could a girl ask for!!



Sunday, 17 March 2013

Holiday Turned To Work

The MOTH and I decided to take a few days away this week. We headed down to Yass to attend the Yass farmers Market with Garden Mulch and grain. Then we were going to stay with our son at Wee Jasper and go to the Yass Show, and watch our son and grandchildren compete in the Team Penning.

 It was the 150th Yass Show, and this was the central display in their pavilion (which was full to the brim of cooking, craft, needlework, art, and home brews!! A fantastic display of the local talent!

I haven't seen so many coloured fleeces on display at any shows I have attended (the white Merino fleeces were in another pavilion altogether - eliminates contamination from the coloured fleeces). The spinner and felter within me was very green with envy over these fleeces.

Four trestles piled high with beautiful coloured fleece!!!! aahhhh heaven!!
below are some of the quilts entered in the pavilion competition (and other handcraft)

and some more of the quilts.

And the main reason we went to the show were these 3 below. out eldest son Adam,
his son Lachlan and daughter Abbey. Pa-pa couldn't resist joining Abbey for the photo.

This morning seen them all line up again for another day of competition but Adam only got one
run at the penning. he was riding Lachlan's horse trying to settle her down (a bit flighty) when she reared up, hit him on his head with her head, knocked him out, he came of and she flipped backwards onto him. Anyhow, he taken to hospital by ambulance, the kids stayed to continue riding,
 and I stayed with the kids.
I went to the showground after checking on Adam (big lump and bruise on his head; 2 gashes on his leg stitched, and xrays to check for fractures because he couldn't put any weight on his leg) and the comments from the kids were: Is dad alright - from Lachlan who seen it all and thought his horse had killed his father when he was unconscious) and......... wait for it.....
'Ma-ma, can we go and get our showbags now!!! (Abbey). Kids!!!!
Anyhow, everyone back home tonight, fed and in bed. Kids are of to school tomorrow, Adam has a week off - thinks he is ok to work though even though he is on crutches (I think they put superman syrum in the pethidine shots!!) - wait until he tries to get out of bed in the morning!! - bruises, stiff and aching!!
I am sitting here knitting for a while (because I needed to unwind) and then off to bed for a good nights sleep. Then we will head off for the next few days on our own and hopefully have a peaceful, calm few days!!!lol

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Oops!! Forgot these!!

I forgot to share with you these photos of my CWA Group Handcraft Judging
I am a little bit proud - my purple & Green cushion i posted about earlier this year was selected to go to State judging at the State Conference in Moree
as is the beautiful smocked cushion and lovely knitting!!

I don't expect it win any prizes but it is nice to know it was good enough to be selected.
And remember the coaster i posted about earlier this year - our branch set won this section at group and they are off to State also.

And here are 4 other entries from our branch that are of to State judging as well.
There are certainly many talented ladies in the craft field in CWA!!

and this innocent bit of mischief and her mate have ben driving me crazy
these past few days

They have been possessed by the devil - we are likely to find them at any level of any room, playing chasies at full speed ahead and they are not the least bit concerned about being smacked or roused on. Their latest trick is to cosy up for a cuddle and smooch and when you are content that they are being 'nice' little kittens they bite you, claw you, etc.

But they are interested in chasing mice/rats so I guess they can stay!!
Have a great remainder of the week!!

Sunday, 10 March 2013


We have had a scrappy weekend.......not the fabric kind though!!
Saturday morning and in comes the heavy artillery to start the 'scarppin'

I am not a vicious person but damn I wish I was operating that loader!!

another body gone...

and there was plenty of crunching to do!!

isn't this a beautiful scene?????
Don't you agree???

 and all of this too
just from one small area!!!

And doesn't this look good!!!
3 of the MOTHs even started putting the 'Good' stuff on plastic pallets off the ground.
Time to ring the 'SCRAPPY' tomorrow to come get the bin and be sure to bring another.
There is probably enough 'it will come in handy one day' stuff to fill 3 more of these bins!!

But I am happy to have this lot gone as a starting point!

How did you spend your weekend??

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Little Bit of Crochet

I have joined a crochet-a-long!!
are the lovely ladies who startedthis off - pop over to their blogs to find out more!!

the pattern is for a cushion but I am thinking I may make it bigger and make a knee rug.
I haven't crocheted granny squares for many years and am really enjoying it!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Just Sneaking This One In.....

I have joined up with Cheryll and her Sewing Phd's and here is my first Phd - just sneaking this in on the 5th of the month at 10.52pm!!!
I started this cushion about 12 years ago (could be longer...) and I actually finished the embroidery.
So out it came this afternoon and I found the just right fabric for the borders
 (courtesy of a good crafty friend)!!!

Why I didn't have anything suitable in my own extensive stash I will never know!!!
I am sure most of you sewing ladies will have seen this kit before - it is meant to have a pleated frill around it but I am not a frill person thus the coloured border.

Over the next few days I plan on finishing this cushion - that is when I decide whether or not I am going to put the pleated frill around it or just go with the green border.
I am becoming quite smug and pleased with myself - between the Sewing PhD's and OPAM 2013 I am starting to get a nice little pile of completed UFO's (or should I say CFI's - Completely Finished Items or FIIF - Finally It Is Finished!!!!) 


TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!...... another branch down in the vegie garden! Looks like the Wilga tree has had it's day. 

Woke up to the chainsaw going this morning...

and this is all that is left of the Wilga Tree ..... and that is going to have to come down also as it is all on one side! Oh well we have a start on next years wood for the fire!!!

Taking a walk to check out the wood cutting action wasn't a good idea. Hours of work dragging it all out now and looking around there is hours of work to get the vegie garden back into some sort of order.

And this is the branch all cut up - i took the photo from a little distance away because it doesn't look like as much work as it does when up close and personal!

The hot days in February and the hot winds with it did some damage but nothing like those damned goats have done. These are some of my roses!! Pity they won't eat the bathurst burrs that have super growing spurts after the rain. MOTH cut some out with the chain saw this morning!! yes the chainsaw I say! there is going to be a HUGE bonfire when the cooler months get here!!

And all that lovely rain we had last week - hmmmm there is a downside - look at all the lovely weeds!!! Just as well the weather has cooled down, I can at least spend some time outside and get the mowing and weeding started!!

Where am I going to fit in some CRAFT!!! and finishing off the window removal, and the housework and everything else on the list!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!