Friday, 10 April 2015

Catching Up

2015 is leaving me behind - well into April already - seem to be running around in circles and not achieving much at all - or at least cannot see where I have been!! Soooo.. some photos and a few words about what I have been doing!
Karah and her horse 'Bidgee' - lot of time being spent handling her as she is not broken in yet - Adam (our eldest and the horseman) gave Bidgee to Karah and shows her something new to do with her each time he comes down from Bredbo. This is the quiet and easy part of it all - once she is broken the riding lessons etc will start and where karah, horse and dog get to then will be anybody's guess - at least another 12 months off thankfully!!
Anzac project done and dusted.
Easter Saturday night bonfire - huge dry pile of all the cuttings and cleanup during summer that we couldn't burn. Had to give the Lachlan instructions on how to get a fire going - he was trying to light it from the top with a strong breeze blowing. He couldn't understand why I was trying to get him to light it from the bottom and in under the pile.

And it's away.... we had my cousin and her family visiting over Easter - so nice to have a bbq dinner and a few bottles of wine by the side of the fire - I don't do enough of relaxing and winding down!
Lots of time looking after this little munchkin.

Part 3 of the 2015 SAL 'Nature's Journey' is finished and I have started part 4.

This is my friends centre block for Natures Journey - she seen what I was doing and decided to get the pattern and do it to - mind you she is months ahead of the girls who are part of the online SAL - just thought I would share her colours - she was so undecided on what colours to do it in - I made a special visit and picked these out for her - she is happy with the colours now she has done the centre block - the photo doesn't do it justice - it is actually a bit brighter in real life.
Easter was very busy for us - we had a family reunion on my dad's side - first one ever - more on that on the net post. Karah and I are off on a weeks holiday - we are going to travel the Great Ocean Road - so the next 2 days will be busy with packing and getting organised. have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. I think you cannot see what you have achieved because you have done so much lol. Yes, I think you need to take some more wind down time for yourself wherever and whenever possible. Karah 's project looks great. She is obviously very proud of it. Quite a creative girl. Your Nature's Journey is coming along nicely and I love your friend's block. I was thinking of doing it but have so many projects to finish first.


  2. Sorry I haven't been visiting lately. My internet is sew slow I just give up.....
    Have just gone through and read some posts and you surely are kept very busy with Karah, family and your little Munchkin. I am surprised you still get time to do a little stitching for Natures Journey.
    Both your friends and yours are looking great.
    Fabulous ANZAC project Karah...

  3. Hi Kerrie love your post ,you sure have had lots happening at your place,having a horse will be good for Karah and she will spend many a happy riding her new best friend xx

  4. You've been very busy Keryn. I feel the same - 2015 is passing by & what had i done?. i think we've both done more than we think we have. :) Love your NJ blocks. Your friend's centre looks lovely. Hugs,xx

  5. busy busy...........oh a horse will keep you extra busy.............LOL..............your NJ SAL blocks are lovely...........well done with your friend and her quilt too.........looking good.................

  6. You ve been very busy, the SAL is looking great


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