Monday, 23 March 2015

I Can Actualyy See

where I have been and what I have achieved over the last few days!!! How good is that! Saturday saw me cooking for Karah's 11th birthday party that afternoon. I know I know I know - you do not get up in the morning and start cooking a birthday cake - most people don't anyway!
Well I did end up taking the icing with me and finishing it off at City Park!! here she is with her friends trying to get the candles lit in a brisk breeze!!
They were successful eventually!! The flames lasted a few seconds - I think.... she managed to be able to blow them all out together!! maybe the breeze helped!
I have never cooked a marble cake let alone a cake with the requested colours of purple, green and blue!! Nor di double a mixture very often. But there is the proof - I did it all on Saturday morning, as well as cupcakes, fruit platter, carrot/celery/cheese stick platter. I took along 2 loaves of bread, butter and 100s & 1000's (we couldn't keep the fairy bread up to them!!), drinks and we had the makings of a great party. City park has great climbing domes, flying foxes and a water area. Three hours later I waved off 15 happy friends and cousins and went home and collapsed!!! (not really, I did put my feet up and had a well earned cup of coffee and some more birthday cake!!)
Sunday saw a very different day for me. Mum  has been wanting a big garden bed out the front of her house where the lawn wouldn't grow properly. So Greg and I went in and marked it out, Greg sprayed it with round up then we laid thick cardboard on it.

On top of that we laid a thick layer of Lucerne, then soaked it for a couple of hours so it stays there!! This is the view towards the street from the from mum's house.

And this is the view from the street looking to the front of the house. My grandmother gave mum a pine tree 42 years ago to plant in the front garden - it won't grow very big she said - haha - yeah right. Just as well mum planted it right at the boundary near the driveway - it is huge - but a great shade tree in the summer. The bare bit in the bottom right corner is about 12 feet from the tree (nothing will grow there) so I have left enough room so that we can continue to park our cars there in the summer!!
Next to come are the rocks to border it with and then a load of beautiful red sandy loam from my sons farm, then a layer of rice straw. After that I can begin to plant it up. I have been gathering plants and cuttings and bulbs for a little while - I am going to fill all the beds at the front of the house as full as I can, put in a sprinkler system on each bed and hopefully mum will have some lovely colour and shapes to look at in the spring!!
Tomorrow Greg and I are off to Wagga for a pre-op clinic for his hip surgery which is at the beginning of May. We have to be over there at 8.30 which means a 60.30 departure at the latest. I am off to pack a few small sewing projects because I will be sitting filling in time waiting). And for the first time ever I just don't have the urge to go shopping - I must be getting old, am really tired or just simply don't need anything - such a change!!
Have a great week everyone!!


  1. Good to hear that Karah had a fun birthday party with her friends. The garden will give lots of cheerful colour for your Mum once in flower. Its a lot of work but worth it.

  2. I hope the checkup goes well. The birthday party sounded like a lot of fun. The new garden is going to look wonderful.

  3. All the best for Greg's visit. Love the cake. Sounds really yummy. It is so nice to see Karah enjoying her day. Your mum's garden is coming along now. Nothing like a bit of permaculture.

  4. Hope all goes well ....looks like a great party xx

  5. Hi Kerrie!
    Well done on the cake for your darling girl, it looks like you did a great job on the party for everyone...
    I hope the surgery prep goes ok for Mr Hipster!

  6. Hi Kerrie, I am hijacking this post to thank you for my lovely surprise. The package arrived today and is far too nice to use. :-) Thank you ever so much..... you made my day. xxxxx


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