Saturday, 11 April 2015


Rest In Peace Stephanie
May your family, fiancé and friends find some closure and the strength to get through the coming days, months and years. So much lost for so many.
I have always felt so fortunate that my family and I knew and still know why our precious girl passed on, I prayed that Stephanie would be found and I pray now that there will be some answers for her family - no matter how horrendous - as a parent, sister, brother, fiancé, or friend - you need those answers to be able to start to heal - whether that process starts today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year - your heart, your soul and your mind need those answers.
I don't know anything about the accused's family, but he has a family, and as a mother who has done the very best I could in bringing up my children, I can't help but feel so very sad for his mother - how is she reconciling the fact that it was her child who did this terrible thing, how does she go about each day now trying to live her life.
And how does a small community such as Leeton get over such a tragedy, how do the students who loved this beautiful girl go back to school next week and settle back into their routine, how do her fellow teachers prepare themselves to go to work and care and nurture their students through this. 
It has been a sad week in this region, and today I am so grateful that I have 4 healthy sons still with me, 12 beautiful grandchildren to share my days with and so very happy that I was able to wake up this morning and my lot in life is as it should be. It is a bright, sunny and warm day today - just as it should be for the very special gathering in Mountford Park, Leeton - where this bright sunny beautiful girl will be remembered and her loved ones will be embraced with the care and support of a small tight knit community. 


  1. A very touching post.. XXX

  2. Hi Kerrie - thanks for sharing such a beautifully written post - you're right, that man does have a family that no doubt are reeling from his heinous actions & will no doubt feel very alone for a long time to come.
    We need to value life every day, value what we have, & support those who need it... the community picnic today was a splendid idea, & I truly was rendered teary seeing it on the news... a great number of people showing up to show their support.
    RIP Stephanie xx

  3. Beautifully expressed Kerrie. I too have wondered about how the young man's family are feeling, and what was going on for him that he could take a life. I saw a Fb post where women were hanging their wedding or favourite dress out as a show of respect, support and sadness, and heard on the news this morning how hundreds of yellow balloons were let loose.....lovely to see such support and validation of Stephanie's life.

  4. So very well said Kerrie and so heartbreaking.


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