Wednesday, 19 December 2018

A Little Bit More

And just like that Christmas is only 6 days away!! And it is hot - predicted 40 degreea here today so a hot christmas coming up. I freely admit I don't like summer - autimn and spring preferably and winter over summer.
QUESTION: I am not receiving any of my comments in my email account which means I cannot reply to the lovelies that comment on my posts - anyone have any suggestions of how to fix this!!

I went shopping a couple of weeks ago - not fabric or yarn or anything crafty!!

Anyone would think I like Pelargoniums.... well I do..... so hardy and always green and a splash of colour.

These have been flowering too - I gave up on my garden early this year when it didn't get watered while I was working all day through last summer and 2 labradors dug out plant after plant after plant. I am back into it now but taking a while for things to get going. Pottering about outside is relaxing and my thinking or zoning out time. I have also recently started relocating my vegie garden - all pots or raiused beds now and right out the back door.

Some of the roses are continuing to bloom.

always something on the cutrus trees.

I have spent a lot of time potting up cuttings - many from friends I have been dropping in on.

Have also made each of the youngest grandies a cactus garden and a succulent garden so they have something to enter in the show next year - hopefully they all grow and look fabulous!!

Thank goodness I have a pot house situated next to a shady tree - all of the overflow pots are under the tree. It is a 'farm job' - rustic and sturdy!!! An old cattle crate from an old truck - youngest son put shelves in for me and I covered it in shade cloth. I am eyeing off another old cattle crate also - it would be put to good use in my care!!!lol

That will just about do for this post. I have done other things with my time - crafting, cooking and working - more on some of those next post.


  1. Hello lovely Kerrie! Seeing all your pretty Pelargoniums has made me smile. We can't really grow them down here as it is a bit too cold. They die in the Winter affected by Jack Frost. You have been busy in your garden. I don't envy you your 40°....just a little bit too hot for me. It is much cooler down here. I don't think Summer is swinging by our way this year....perhaps in the new year. I hope you have a most wonderful Christmas celebrating with your lovely family and friends♥

  2. To fix your notification ... Go into design wall then settings and click on email, then where you have your email address in the comment notification box delete it and then save and re enter your email and save again
    Then you will get an email from Blogger with invite to receive comment notification and then click subscribe
    Good Luck It took me a few goes for it to happen

  3. I cam visiting as I'm in the Fat 1/4 Birthday group - what fabulous flowers you are growing! I hope Ilene's; comment has sorted your problem - such an easy fix once you know.


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