Sunday, 15 February 2015

Just A Little Creative Over The last Week

No sewing done this past week but I have been creative in another way - crocheting!!

I have joined a CAL (crochet along) on facebook with Jodie (Jellywares On Marshall) from #rainbowCAL - using up all of my double knit yarns (and a few others that aren't too thick) to make a random rainbow rug!!! The squares have 3 rounds and are join-as-you-go. This could be a queen size blanket by the time I get through all the double knit yarns that I have - but I am determined to use it up (I can buy some nice new yarn then!!). I am trying to do 10 squares a day, which I have been achieving - a couple of hours at night in while watching television (I can't hand sew under night light anymore - that is a daytime thing now) and it is slowly growing.

This is a knee rug that I have made from some yarn 20% wool / 80% acrylic yarn that I have had sitting in a tub for a couple of years and I wanted it gone. It is really bulky and I used a 10mm hook - which my right hand didn't appreciate at all. I am pleased with how it came up and very happy that the tub can now store something else in it!!!
Yesterday morning we woke up to this!!! Rain, cooler temp - just a great day to wake up to. That all changed within a couple of hours but at least the temp stayed at a comfortable level!!
Then yesterday afternoon this appeared - WOOT WOOT - there was a huge storm blowing in!!!
Coming in from the south, dark and promising of an absolute downpour!!

haha - the joke was on us - we watched it go around us - towns 30 mins and 40 mins away from us copped a really bad lot of wind and rain and hail!!! And us - about 3 minutes of heavy rain and then the sun was shining again!! very grateful for the rain early in the morning!! Thankfully there was a cool breeze that came and stayed because today (and I just knew it was going to happen) we had a hot, humid 39deg Celsius AGAIN. Go away summer - I have had enough of being a sweaty wet blob - and I want to go outside and do some gardening and I want to feel alive again, and I HATE summer.......
And we have a week of mid 30's and higher - and as usual the weather report said it was 34degrees today and our thermometers here (all outside in shade) said 39degrees - I get so frustrated with that!!! We just add 4 degrees to the predicted temps now.
Enough of my moaning, time to get some shut eye - another week begins (and isn't February just flying by!!!).



  1. Hi Kerrie. Your crocheting looks lovely. I haven't crocheted since I was 11 when my Gran taught me but I would love to pick it up again. I just can't remember how to do it! For ages I have wanted to make some of those little milk jug covers that you used to see in all the magazines. Oh well, one day maybe.

    I was having trouble stitching at night too for a while but was lucky enough to get a Daylight floor standing lamp for my birthday several years ago. It is fantastic and makes such a difference. I can now stitch at night in the lounge room while watching telly with my hubby.

    Glad to see you got some rain. When we lived in the Pilbara (Karratha) we used to hang out for rain from cyclones during the wet season. I used to hate that feeling of stepping outside the front door and being immediately drenched in sweat. Made me wonder why I ever bothered having a shower! Hope it cools off for you soon.

    Have a great week,
    Cheers, Tracy

  2. The crochet looks great! Such a vibrant colour combination in the second photo, love it! With the heat you're having, I wouldn't think you would want to be working up a crochet blanket. Great shots of the incoming storm, pity it missed you, but maybe you don't want the hail. We normally will get up to maybe 32C here in summer, and then humidity on top of that. Will the fact that this morning our thermometer reads -28C make you feel a little cooler? With a windchill making it feel like -40C. I need to visit my dad today and have the truck's block heater plugged in. I'll still have to let it run for 10 minutes before I can drive away without it all cracking in the cold ;) Wendy

  3. Your crocheting is coming along nice, Kerrie.

  4. It feels good when you empty a project basket doesn't it.
    Fingers crossed for cooler weather for you... AND some rain... xxx

  5. The crochet along looks like a lot of fun, Kerrie. Your squares are lovely. Oooh...I love your knee rugs, the colours are divine. How lovely you received some rain to cool everything and everyone down a little!

  6. Such a relaxing hobby to crochet while watching T.V. Its coming along lovely and will last for years. The other day my hubby pulled out a crochet rug that I had made over 30 years ago and its still looking. I just love the summer but I admit we haven't had too many hot days this year, I would probably grumble if we did. Enjoy your week

  7. Hi Kerrie love your crochet,its something i am going to learn this year,lol,i hope and boy some great weather pics there,glad you got some rain,take care my friend xx

  8. Your crocheting looks wonderful. Shame about the rain. We had quite a long deluge the other night. I stood outside watching it trying to breathe in the negative ions to soothe my throat and chest from the hot windy days we had. Hope you are okay in the heat.

  9. Your rug looks gret. I should really use up all my snipsa and scraps and odd balls of yarn to make a rug like that. One day............. I really will start one......

  10. I'm using my scraps and odd skeins of yarns to make hats for charity. I have more than enough rugs , throws and pillows laying about. Our temps today are -8° C I'll take the 30° C any day!!! I'm a SUMMER GIRL!

  11. Your crochet looks great! J9 x

  12. The rug is looking great. Weather these days is totally unpredictable no matter where you live.


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