Monday, 5 January 2015

Back Into The Grind!

24th December 2014 came and I shut down anything that required me to exert any energy!!! Christmas Day was spent at home - we went from being on our own to having one son and family for lunch, another son and partner during the afternoon and a third son and tribe (6 kids) for dinner. It was still a quiet and lazy day which we both needed. Boxing day I spent in bed because Rheis and Ollie in true Christmas spirit shared their tummy bug with me that they had the day before xmas!!!
Since then I have done a lot of nothing much. Staying home and doing a bit of sorting (doesn't matter how much I get rid of there is still a lot that can go), spending a lot of time with mum as she has been quite ill but is on the mend now.
So some photos of my shut down time!!
The extent of my Christmas decorating this year - two little displays in the loungeroom featuring the beautiful swap gifts that Peg and Illene made for me!! Thank you ladies!

Not much to pack away this year!!
Stewing fresh apricots for the freezer - jam to come next.

This why I hate summer - see that - 3.30pm and 47deg under our back porch; 6pm and it had dropped to 44deg!! This was on the 2nd Jan. I truly am a winter person - cool, damp and dreary that's me!!
A fresh ripe peach off our own tree - planted 18 months ago - we had enough to last Greg and I one week!!!

The only sewing I have done since well before Christmas - Granddaughter Shamika stayed overnight and wanted to make something - so a pillowcase it was. She was only half way through making it when Nathan came to pick her up so I finished it for her. She and her eldest sister are coming to stay overnight through the week so I guess I will be doing some more sewing!! I have decided from this little effort that I will make a pile of novelty pillowslips for the birthday box this year - the kids love them.

I have been doing a couple of rows a day on this crochet blanket - I started it 2 years ago but Adam's pup tangled up the big ball of wool and I couldn't be bothered doing anything with it back then. I sat and spent 2 hours untangling the wool and have started working on it again. I am using 2 yarns of 8ply so it is heavy and a little slower going than what I am used to.
And this is what I started on New Years Day!! I have been planning to do a Ripple Blanket for a long time so I am doing it now!! This I also do a couple of rows a day on - I have completed 2 colour sets now.
I have been cruising around everyone's blogs and watching everyone getting right into their stitching this year - some even finishing quilt tips and stitcheries. Not me, nope, this little black duck has really had a shut down period - but all of that is about to change!!!
I have joined Chooky's SAL - a new quilt from Anni at Hatched and Patched which hasn't been released yet - I am going to have to get myself organised to meet the monthly deadlines on this one.
I have also joined Cheryl's initial heart swap and Jewells' Aussie day Swap. That will keep me busy for a while I think.
This is the baby of the family - he was a bit bored on Christmas day and found my new camera - just a bit pleased with himself I think!!!

A selfie with dad who was snoozing away!

And poor little Sasha didn't know what was going on. I would often find selfies of this child when he was younger on my camera or phone!!
That about wraps it up for me. A busy week this week sorting out a couple more rooms and spending a fair bit of time with mum. I may even get a little sewing done - my sewing table is clear and I can actually walk into the room and just sit down and sew!! It happens sometimes.
Have a great week everyone!!



  1. Thanks for the catch up. It sounds like I have done about as much (or little) as you over the break..However, back to work today, which was sad. I've also joined Chooky's stitch along and the Australia Day Swap, so that should keep me out of mischief.

  2. Thanks for the update. Those selfies are priceless.
    Novelty pillowcases great idea.

  3. Hi Kerrie,oh i do hope you are feeling much better now and i love your xmas displays and how cute is the pillow case,love your ripple blanket,wish i could crochet,lol.Oh your boy is so funny my oldest DD used to do the same thing,lol,,those pics are so funny.xx

  4. I didn't have a lot up for Xmas display either Kerrie. A year old GS put paid to any display. Hopefully this year all my deco's can go up. :) Love the pillowcase idea. Love the funny selfies. I'm doing the SAL as well. Can't wait to start. Hugs,xx

  5. Always love it when I see my gifts on some one elses Blog Thank you
    Seems like you got a bit done while in shut down mode

  6. Having a "shut down" is always a good idea - we all need a rest. Love the selfies.

  7. Oh I love the look on Sasha's face!!!! priceless. Great photo's of the tribe
    and it sounds like you had an awesome christmas.....they're the best ones.
    Lovely gifts you received too. Happy New Year.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. I hope your mum has improved and is feeling better now. Love your crochet and the pillowslip. You have managed to get a bit done. Still no sign of my parcel? Beginning to think it has gone astray. Should have registered it.

  9. You're doing well with having your crochet on your lap while it's hot. The ripple is pretty. Your 'shut down' time looked like fun. Hope your mum...and your tum :)......are better.


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