Saturday, 31 January 2015


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The last day of January already where has the month gone?? The last week has been busy with back to school - Karah is now in Year 6 and the first week has been good for her.
We have also been busy getting her dancing requirements and the first classes of the year (Tap, Jazz and Acrodance). Next week we will also be fitting in touch football.
So with 3 evenings a week being at after school activities it means that Ma-ma has to be very organised - thus today meals are being prepared to go in the freezer for those nights we are late home - cook some mashed potato or rice or pasta as soon as I get home and we will be dining within half an hour!!
First meal off the block - Beef casserole - a bit more to add to it yet but smelling good at the moment!!lol Sweet and Sour Chicken along with Curried Mince are next on the agenda!! Tired of grabbing take away on the way home.
Friday morning saw me having breakfast with these two - Oliver was having a serious discussion with Nanny!! He gabbles away non stop - mum answers with the really, is that so and he is happy!!
I did get some creative time to myself - I finished 9 Journal/Diary covers that have been sitting in my sewing room for a couple of months looking at me. That certainly felt good.
I have been working on hand towels that have been looking at me for a couple of months but just not quite finished yet!!
Last weekend I spat the dummy and went and hired a pressure cleaner - after very little being done around our house and my mothers for the last 12 months both houses needed a really good clean. Our house in particular was covered in webs and spider were multiplying at a fast rate. My dummy spit didn't do me any good because the pressure cleaner was too big for me to handle. Anyhow the MOTh came good and spent 3 (yes I said 3) hours cleaning our house down!!!
This shows you how bad the spiders and their webs were!!!!
Now we have to wear sunglasses so we aren't blinded by this new look house!!! Not only looks great but feels so much better. Now I am on another throw out in the house!! I have plans of painting inside this year and also replacing the 40 year old carpet with floating floor boards so the more I can remove the easier it will be!!
Time spent last weekend at mums cleaning up another part of her back yard. That is my sidekick, Little Nathan, back again helping me. Hopefully I will finish the backyard this weekend and then move out to the front yard - that is going to take a bit longer - lots more garden beds and weeding out there.

3 hours weeding and we could see the garden bed soil!! Success!! I have mulched it down heavily with rice straw since then. When it cools down we will be doing a big plant up of geraniums, lavenders, succulents and a few roses in all of the garden beds for her. All hardy plants that don't take a lot of maintenance but are green and flowering on and off throughout the year.
That is about it for me today. To bed early tonight - I hope to put in a few hours in mums garden again in the morning.
have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh my goodness! So much energy, so many diaries, so much cleaning and cooking. Can I have what you're having ? LOL

  2. WOW... you are on a ( which looks great by the way)...gardening and sewing...OMG girl you are busy!
    Great idea having meals all ready to much healthier than take out too. xox

  3. We will have to call you Sadie, Sadie cleaning lady! I am always cleaning cobwebs is a non-stop event down here. My you are a busy lady. So the new school year has begun and all the extra curricular activities that go with it. You are such a blessing to your family! Don't forget to squeeze in a li'l time for a li'l stitching, Kerrie!

  4. WOW Kerrie you are definitely on a roll with all your cooking cleaning sewing and gardening.
    I am tired just reading your post.....

  5. Wow, you have been busy! The diaries look great. Be sure to leave a little time for you.

  6. Hi Kerrie,wow it looks like a brand new house,well done and boy lots of sewing been happening and thats great the Karah has settled in well back at school,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  7. You have a lot on your plate! Caring for two houses and all the people living in them! We get lots of spiders here too, but thankfully they all go dormant in winter so we have a reprieve of them (and they don't make such huge webs as yours). Your house looks amazing after a wash. I hope you leave extra time just to sit and relax every so often, like with the sewing. Your diaries look wonderful! Take care! Wendy x

  8. You've really gotten a lot done this week! I enjoy looking at your warm weather photos as we are in midst of a cold spell here that is chilling these old bone. Building a fire every night now to keep the living room warm enough to relax and be creative. I'm still in love with those flowers in your header picture ♥♥♥ I must see if I can find something similar here for out summer flower beds!

  9. sounds like Karah and Nanny are going to be busy this year..........better have some stitching prepared..............

  10. The little cherubs in Western Australia are going back to school tomorrow, so it will be action
    station at work. It doesn't take long for those pesky moths and spiders to move in and you don't
    turn your back on them, oh no! lol. House and yard look brand spanking new, love your helpers
    in the garden.
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. HI Kerrie wow what a huge difference. I bet it feels so good walking up to your house now and putting all that effort into cleaning it up is well worth it. Your moms garden is looking nice as well. I am glad school is getting in the swing there.
    When our kids were home and so active I used to spend my days off cooking and freezing meals so we could pull them out on nights activities kept us out late etc.

  12. Goodness you are a go girl x

  13. Ma-ma......that's so cute *smile* Could you send your Moth up here please, my house could do with a pressure clean. You accomplish so much, they say if you want a job done, ask a busy woman......that's you for sure. You're such a blessing to your family :)

  14. You can come over and start on my place now if you like!

  15. It looks to me as if you have been even busier than me this week. Kara is adorable, grandkids are a true blessing and I know you are doing a great job keeping up. The houses look fabulous by the way.

  16. Wow looking after two houses and gardens must keep you busy. Bless you!

  17. I hope Karah enjoys her year at school. Oliver is a little cutie. Your house looks wonderful now the spiderwebs are gone - I have the same problem.


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