Thursday, 30 January 2014

Summer - yuk!!

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Welcome to all of my new followers and to everyone that has visited my blog over since last Saturday! Hopefully I have replied to everyone that has commented. I have been visiting all of your blogs and having a great time  learning all about your lives and passions in all corners of the world. I am very slowly moving through the list over on Vicki's blog - and I mean slowly - after all I have to have a good look around each blog!!
As usual we have a heat wave the week the kids all go back to school. Low to mid 40's right through to the end of next week. All of the beautiful rain we had last week has soaked away. 3 days ago our air con that cools most of the rooms in our uninsulated farm house spat the dummy - I wonder how much weight I have sweated off in the sauna it has become. Nights are the worst - not much sleep in the heat!! This morning is bliss - the motor has been replaced and the house is cool again.

Not much happening outside in the heat. watering in the early morning and late evening - just keeping things alive hopefully. The second frangipani is flowering profusely - nothing else in the garden is at the moment!! And the spiders don't like the heat either - I picked up 3 towels off the laundry floor to put in the washing machine and 3 of the critters ran across the floor - I created a new dance in a few seconds the I can tell you. They are everywhere inside at the moment! I think we may spray the outside of the house before we leave in the morning - I am a 'sharing' person but I draw the line at snakes and spiders!!!

Today there is a lovely breeze outside (thankfully not a hot drying one) so the washing is dry after only an hour. Look how green the lawn is after the rain last week.
We have the Wee Jasper family arriving tonight. We are off to Swan Hill tomorrow to a wedding. Leaving at 8am so hopefully we beat the heat of the Hay plains - Swan Hill's predicted temps are a couple degrees higher than here. It is a 4 hour trip and because my son used to drive trucks he knows the 'quickest' way there - only a couple of towns and dry plains for as far as you can see. Taking my trusty camera so hopefully I have some good photos of our travels and time spent there.
Off to pack our clothes (and some hand sewing of course!!) and get tea prepared early, into town to see mum and stock up on the drinks and nibbles to take with us!
What is everyone else up to this weekend - something 'cool' I hope!!


  1. Have a great weekend! xoxo Jen

  2. Have a great weekend in Swan Hill. Love going there. You need to go to Spoons Restaurant down in the banks of the River. Best breakfast. Whose wedding are you attending and where is it? No pictures of snakes please lol

  3. Too right about the critters coming's too hot out there!! lol
    First day back at school for the kids in parts was today and for a change
    it wasn't blistering hot!!
    Cheers, Anita.


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