Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Tomorrow I take the grandies to Wagga where we will meet their mum and dad. So late this afternoon I took them to the newest park in Griffith (it was a bit of a bribe for good behaviour also). I am not a 'park person' in that I hate sitting around playgrounds waiting for little ones to exhaust themselves, but the temp today only reached 32 and there was a lovely cool breeze, so I ended up actually enjoying my time there. Abbey and Lachlan had a ball!!
This playground was opened about two an a half years ago. It was a large block that was covered in lawn only.
This is the baby's playground with childproof fence and gates. And seating for the mums and dads!

This is the HUGE climbing frame - kids of all ages love it!!

Lachlan on the Flying Fox - there are two of these side by side and the kids leap of a high platform, glide down the wire , hit the end which springs them back to the beginning again!

At one end of the park is an exercise area with all of these machines set up. It is not fenced off and is open for public use 24hrs a day.

With pathways going through the playground areas and past the exercise area these are well used by joggers every day!

The modern version of the seesaw!!

The climbing frame has two slippery dips going off it - one from the top and a smaller one starting about a quarter of the way up.

This is the swing - great fun when there is more than one person in it!!

This is the water playground (no water in the winter time tho!).

2 of the water playground squirters!!

And this is one of the entries to the playground.
I am very envious of the growth of the trees and plants in this playground - and yes I do realise that they were all advanced when planted but they have grown big enough in just over 2 years that there is heaps of shade through summer now. If only mine at home would grow like that!! In the evenings through summer this park is usually packed whereas in winter it is used all day - on the really hot days the equipment gets quite hot by late afternoon it has cooled down and is safe to use without the kids getting burnt by it.
Tomorrow we are gathering together all the clothes, shoes and bits and pieces in the morning and then driving to Wagga in the afternoon. We will have tea with their mum and dad and then it is back home for all of us. Thursday is going to be a day of sewing with mum and a friend - I am so looking forward to that as I haven't done a stitch in 3 weeks - withdrawals much!! It will be very quiet here also but I think I can adapt to that rather easily - I am actually very tired - how I managed 4 children under 5yrs I don't know and then another baby 7yrs later - amazing how you cope when you have youth on yours side!!


  1. Yep !!! Our grandies do wear us out dont they but it is fun while they do so. Enjoy your back to sewing time. That is an awesome park.

  2. wow what a awesome playground ,i can see why the kiddies love it there and yep i am the same i fall into a heap when they go back home,but i wouldnt have it any other way.xx

  3. Wow! That is the funnest park I've seen in a long time.
    Very mod and after all that fun, somewhere nice to cool
    down in the water.
    Cheers, Anita.


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