Saturday, 28 December 2013


It never matters how many presents I receive or how much they cost - I love and appreciate them all. But there are some that are just that little bit more 'special'!!. And I received 3 of those on xmas day.

Wind chimes made for me by my eldest son Adam. He is a horseman and has started to make a few things from the piles of horseshoes he has. I love wind chimes but haven't had any hanging for a few years. I was really wrapped with this present!

And these are extra special - our grandchildren made these for us!! The giraffe was made for me by Abbey, and Lachlan made a key holder for each of us!!
I was actually quite spoilt this Xmas with several vouchers - 2 from Bunnings (a couple of hours of looking coming up), one from a local kitchenware store - I am replacing all of my cheap saucepans with really good ones; a multi photo frame with photos of the grandies as babies and a bottle of Kahlua!!! My family have finally worked out what I like LOL!!!
Along with the beautiful swap presents I have been really spoilt!
And to finish off - this is the plant stand that Adam made my mum - she was really pleased with this - like me she loves anything the grandies and great grandies make or do!!


  1. wow i am impressed with the items Adam has made and how cute are the items that your grandies made for you,that is so sweet,thankyou for sharing kerrie.xx

  2. Oh I agree... handmade with love and thought gifts ARE the best. Love the horseshoe chimes and the plant stand... very ingenious. Of course GC gifts take pride of place... :)

  3. Great things Adam has made with the horse shoes.. It is always special to get gifts made by the Granndies .

  4. Oh I just love windchimes...I have more than half a dozen here and I enjoy them so much. Yours are so nice. xx debbie

  5. Lovely gifts and so thoughtful too. The handmade ones are always special :-)

  6. Wow the horseshoe art is awesome! And the pressies from your grandchildren just so special.


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