Thursday, 5 December 2013


Phew - I have not had time to scratch myself these past 2 weeks. Meetings, baby sitting, watering, and sewing there has been little time to think about doing anything else!!!
That is until yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon when we had thunder, lightening, wind and rain!!! And it was all very welcome!!!!!

we went from 39deg on Tuesday with the air con on high to 14deg last night and looking for warm clothes!! And it was more of the same today!!

All up we have had an inch of rain. This is the first time I have ever had a birthday where it was wet, windy, thunder, lightening and cold as it has been today. A bit strange for this summer baby - and that is a few years of hot birthdays (just a shade over the mid 50's!!)I do hope some of you received some rain over the last couple of days - it is so badly needed in so many regions in NSW.
Santa called past yesterday and left me this - it is my swap parcel from the lovely Jan!!! This parcel is part of the 6 Xmas Items swap run by Maree from Ollie and May. And just look at the delightful Tree Ornament that Jan has made for me. I love it!!
It is so sweet and simple - just my style of decoration!! Thank you so much Jan!!And thank you Maree for organising this swap. Now I have to be good and wait for 'opening Day' to see what all the other parcels have in store for me!!
And I have completed and posted my parcels in the 6 Items Swap by Maree and the Santa Sack Swap being organised by Cheryll from here - so many secrets and beautiful creating going on in blog land at the moment!!


  1. Great to hear you got the rain. Lovely gift from Jan !

  2. It's such a FuN season for swaps isn't it! So exciting too! :)

  3. I'm so pleased your parcel arrived, Kerrie, and that you like the little ornament. Hope you like the rest of the loot!

  4. Swaps are so very much fun, I do enjoy them too. So happy to hear you had some rain. We had a tiny bit a few days ago but not enough. My lawn guy came today and I couldn't help but notice he was surrounded in dust clouds as he worked. xx debbie

  5. That rain would be a lovely birthday gift :)

  6. We had thunder and rain in our parts too, not so much rain as we need. Love the cute little decoration and parcels.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. Sweet wee decoration - and I love how you have photographed it too! Belated birthday wishes...what a great pressie; sounds like the rain was much needed and appreciated!


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