Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What A Difference 4 Days Makes!!!

The car was all packed and ready to go on Friday night - off to Yass and Wee jasper Markets over the weekend, and of course to stay with our son and family. Into the car at 3 am and off I go. had a good day at the Yass market on Saturday and that was the end of my weekend away. I spent all of Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night in a sleep interrupted only by severe stomach pain and a few quick trips to the toilet. Damned stomach virus that everyone else has had finally got me!!
Never mind, back home and nearly back to my normal self.
I did manage to finish some towels for our market stall last week.

These are our tea towels.

And our hand towels.
We do our a little differently to how some of my favourite bloggers do them. I am going to try their way next as I do like their finished towels also.
We cut our towels in half which does make them shorter but you also have double towels which a lot of people seem to like also. BUT the single full length towels are longer which I have often been asked for also. And as usual I make these up for the markets but don't have any in my house!! Will have to remedy that.
I call these Fairy Geraniums - these are in flower in mum's pot house.

And this is a full size pelargonium that is in flower in mums pot house at the moment.
They were an added pleasure when cleaning the pot house last week!
Mum is much better. I hadn't seen her for 4 days and there was a big improvement.
She was actually outside doing a bit of watering yesterday which is really great - she admitted that she is lost without her garden. But all those weeks with a low oxygen count has affected her memory - she was very upset this morning when she couldn't remember how to use her sewing machine. But 10 minutes with me on the phone to my sister and my sister relaying instructions to mum and she was on her way!! We are hoping the memory problem will gradually right itself.
Best be off - my turn to do the 'mum sitting' for the next 2 days and nights.
Thursday, Fri & Saturday see me helping at the Leeton Show - I am cookery steward, and will also help out wherever they need an extra hand. I will also go through my craft and pick out some things to enter!! I do love the small country shows!!
And.... I do have lots of blog reading to do - I have spent an hour this morning trying to catch up and comment - there have been so many great posts from all of the blogs I follow I do believe I will be catching up for the net week!!!


  1. Love the hand towels,very pretty colours,it's funny because I make mine longer and have been thinking of making them shorter.
    The flowers are gorgeous,glad your mum is a little better.xx

  2. The towels are so pretty, they would be such nice gifts to receive.
    Love the cute fairy geraniums, gorgeous colour. Hope your mum gets her memory back soon.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. Your have been busy again, so good to hear your mum is improving and enjoying her garden again.


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