Thursday, 3 October 2013

After Today Mum has a Nice Pot House!!

Today while 'mum sitting' I attacked her pot house. I had my gardening offsider come around which made it a lot easier for me and we got a lot more done than just me on my own would have.
The potting bench and cutting shelves - before on the left and after on the right!
two before views looking down the length of the pot house.

Two after views looking back from the other end.
very satisfied and very tired at the end of the day.
Next week we hope to get in and re pot a lot of the plants as they have outgrown their current pots.
Then after that we will have a lot of potting up as we have also been pruning back as we go and have heaps of cuttings. These will go on our market stall and some for my garden as well (that is when the 'mum sitting' duties have finished!!!!)
My 90 year old aunty arrived yesterday afternoon to check on mum!!! The matriarch of the family coming to check that one her little flock is ok. God lover her - she went home today (Batemans Bay) very relieved and happy that her little sister is going to be ok!!
Then the youngest of the family rang this evening (the baby sister, youngest of 7 and 76yrs old)
and mum was able to talk to her for a few minutes - she hasn't been able to talk on the phone for
nearly 3 weeks - so 3 happy sisters tonight!.
Mum kept saying to us 'what are they so worried about - I am not going anywhere!!
But she was really happy to see and speak to each of them.
Tomorrow is another day and hopefully we see a bit more improvement. I am off to Yass for 2 days whilst my sister takes over 'mum sitting'. Looking forward to watching my son and grandchildren participating in the Yass Team penning event. Also having a market stall at the Yass farmers market which will be nice (sales or no sales I love the social side of markets!!!lol I am a bit of a havachat!!)
I have been doing a bit of sewing also but cannot share as the projects are secret......
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!


  1. so glad your mum is improving Kerrie and boy the garden is looking great,well done and good luck with your market stall.xx

  2. What a great effort it looks great, nice surprise for your mum :-)

  3. What amazing sisters!! So good your mum is improving and so nice that you and your sister are able to care for her. Looks like you are achieving lots at the same time. Love the lavender photo.

  4. There is nothing like family! Lots of secret sewing around!


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