Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day 2013

A lovely Mother's day for me this year - slow, lazy but I did achieve something!!! For the whole of today I had our youngest grandchild with me (mum, dad and siblings were all working on their farm) so we went into town to see my mother (Ruben's great grandmother). Here he is looking all innocent waiting me out so that he could get back into the drawers behind him - you see he found that they opened today!!

earlier in the morning I awoke to the MOTH and friend doing a bit more cleaning up around the sheds (since having a shed very close to our house burn down during the night 20 years ago I have had a great fear of fires and smoke!!), so I just had to go out and check it out and of course take a photo for proof in the future. I now find I sometimes get a great deal of pleasure from some fires!!

And aren't the flames of a fire full of emotions - they can be gentle, brutal, mesmerising, vicious and so much more!! This fire had the lot including satisfaction because it meant there was another heap of rubbish gone, gone, gone.
Wandering around today before Ruben came I started to notice that the change from autumn and winter is appearing. Time to gather the pumpkins now that the leaves and stems are dying .... a bonus here as I found a lot more pumpkins than I thought I had... lots of pumpkin soup ahead!!

Weeds, pumpkin vines and stray sorghum or Doc weed are changing colour and drying out - another sign winter is on it's way.

I am thinking this is one of the mandarin trees I planted a few years ago that is finally establishing - look at the fruit coming on it!!

And this is my latest companion (not by choice tho). this is black velvet, who belonged to my youngest son's girlfriend. She had her as a tiny baby, who unbelievably grew up and started getting out of their town yard into the neighbours. velvet greeted me one afternoon, tied to my clothes line. Now she follows me everywhere I go, along with a couple of cats and the dogs - talk about the pied piper!!!
Here she is checking out my big achievement for the day - stacking all the wood from the scattered wood heaps onto pallets and actually convincing one male to shift them nearer the house and in a straight, neat tidy row!!

And I have big pieces around the outside of each pallet and all the little pieces on the inside (that is because I stacked them and I am a crafter and can think ahead to how easy it will be to get the required size I want!!). Now all I have to do is get a chain saw and axe into the hands of the MOTH and get all the pine boards laying around chopped into chips and small pieces.

And now at 11.13pm it is steadily raining here - such a lovely noise on the tin roof - for how long I don't know but it is such a lovely finish to a different but lovely Mother's day.

I do hope you all had a wonderful day shared with your biggest treasure - your family.


  1. A lovely, busy Mothers Day at your place. Ruben is cute enough to melt any heart.

  2. Lovely post Kerrie,glad you had a lovely Mothers Day.x

  3. lovely post Kerrie,glad you had a lovely day.xx


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