Saturday, 11 May 2013


I am home after 6 days away in Moree for the CWA State Conference.  I had a lovely time catching up with people and meeting lots of new people.  As usual the strength and abilities of the women of our country shone through.
Not too impressed with spending 8 hours on a bus on 2 days - but we had to get there somehow - I do like my creature comforts and pit stops whenever I feel like it!!lol
Spent the first hour at home dealing with 3 cats trying to tell me how neglected they were while I was away - they had to spend each night outside and feeding was hit and miss. I had to really slam the hall way door to keep them in the kitchen area - because 3 times they got the door open and landed on our bed thinking they might spend the night there!!
And here are the silly pair of the 3 this morning - you could be forgiven for questioning the sanity of this pair - no fire going but sitting there gazing at it!!

You could be forgiven for thinking they were vain - staring at their own reflections! But no..... they were staring at the fire door in the hope it would magically open and let out the bird that had come down the chimney yesterday. Poor bird is doomed no matter what he does.
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend. I will be back tomorrow after I have got the dreaded washing and cleaning done, etc etc etc .......


  1. Ohhh just too funny! Talk about patience! :)

  2. Your cats are too cute. Sounds like you had a great time in Moree.

  3. Such a fun post, your cats do look cute! Sounds like a lovely time away.

  4. Nice to hear you had such a lovely time and thanks for the post (giggle) the cats look soooo cute.:-))))))


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