Wednesday, 27 June 2012


For some time now I have followed various friends on facebook posting a 'Photo A Day' photos. It has been interesting seeing these photos but I always wondered where they found these to participate. Well I have found one to follow on another blog - - and I am going to join in. It is for the month of July and I have no idea of how I will go getting the required photo for each day!!

I thought I would add a photo here tonight just for practice. I have been trying to reduce  my fabric stash (easier said than done!!) and to adegree I have been successful. I have found that I can(with some effort) throw in the rubbish bin pieces of fabric that are smaller tham 4' x 4". And I can cut a fat quarter for myself from metres and sell the remainder as fat quarters at markets. So I have reduced the stash by quite a bit.

I have even managed to cut out a pile of various heat pads and trivetts and after 10 days have managed to start sewing them and filling them.

And it is so satisfying to actually have reduced that stash and actually do some sewing!!

So get ready to be bombarded with a post each day to accompany the daily photo right through July! Hmmm... this could be interesting!1

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