Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Everywhere I look there is another job on the list that I haven’t started or is only half done!! I don’t believe I have been specially selected for this phenomenon!!! There has to be heaps of readers out there who are in the same slow lane that I am. Isn’t there??

For 3 years I have wanted to make a cactus succylent garden between the two houses. Well it has finally been started. The selected area has become a drop off point for any utes or trucks that visit and happen to pull up there – thus the first step towards the new garden was a clean up.

Then a couple of hours to cart the rocks to border the garden and hold the soil to be brought in. The plants for this garden have been happily growing in pots for the last 3 years. They have been transplanted into larger pots several times and currently lined up against a shed wall!! They will also be happy to see this new garden completed.

Taking pride of place in this garden will be 2 garden ornaments made by my son for me several years ago when he was at school and had time to fiddle in the shed. Using what I call ‘junk’ from one of the many piles scattered around here he made a Rain Gauge Tractor and a Tractor and Disc just for decoration!

 So one day soon this garden will be complete and I can cross this job off my Bucket List (so different from everyone else’s Bucket List!!!)

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