Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Best way to Spend Boxing Day!!

Christmas lunch was 10 minutes from home, at our daughter in laws mum's home - seafood lunch - so light and easy! Christmas dinner on the other hand was 3.5 hrs away - at my son's between Pretty Pine and Moulemain - hot drive for Christmas afternoon. Bbq dinner (fish, steak and snags), light salads and drinks. 
BUT........ Boxing Day lunch beats Christmas day by far this year!!
Fresh caught yabbies, cooked and eaten with salt and homemade seafood sauce as an accompaniment!! YUMMO!!!

Our son, Adam is an assistant manager on a station between Moulimein and Pretty Pine where there are some good damns. Our grandson Lachie put the yabby nets in one damn last night and collected this little haul this morning - well this is what remains after 6 of us had been eating for a while!!

Claws of the medium size ones. Big and old yabbies - haven't seen them like this since I was a child visiting my uncles farm at Tullamore. That first bite brought back a lot of childhood memories!!

It is serious business getting to the meat!! A great lunch to finish our visit.

One family member is so organised - that didn't last long when others helped themselves!!!

Cousins together for the first time - Abbey and William.

Ollie does love the blonde girls!!  Adam has been putting his hat on Ollie every time he sees him for months - this time he accepted it - 'Yeehaa' was what he said.

Lachie and Ollie having some fun together.

He did enjoy wearing that hat for a while.

Two cheeky cousins - William was a bit dubious about that camera Ma-ma had in front of her face!

This one is an observer and thinker.

Homemade gingerbread men - my favourite Christmas present!!
We had a simple but enjoyable and relaxed Christmas this year.
Now to spend some time at home and get into some gardening each morning, take more photos for more posts (the only goal I have set myself for the next 12 months is to get back into my blogging - have somissed reading what everyone is up to!!)

Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. Hi Kerrie ,wow what a wonderful xmas,the food looks so yummy,its great seeing cousins playing together,glad you are back to blogging my friend.xx

  2. How lovely to be surrounded by so many of your family. I must say your Christmas fare looks delicious. You can't beat seafood at Christmas time. Hope you have the most wonderful new year. See you next year, lovely Kerrie. Xx

  3. mmmmmm mmmmmm that Boxing Day lunch looks goooooddd!!!!

  4. Fantastic photos Kerri... precious photos 💖

  5. Such lovely pics and update on you and your family. LOvely to "see" you back. I am looking forward to next Christmas as my first grand child is due in February.

  6. You had a busy fun Christmas Day and still enjoying Boxing Day with a great fed of yabbies...Lovely family photos...

  7. We actually passed some people out yabbying yesterday on our trek back home, and it brought back memories for us as well! I'm with you on the "more blogging for next year"!! I am determined I Do Not need another year like the past 2!!!!

  8. we had some yabbies for dinner last night........yummo for sure............
    glad you had a lovely christmas........
    looking forward to seeing you back around in 2017.....


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