Sunday, 20 March 2016

Gone By fast......

Where has that 10 weeks gone............ summer has been and gone............ and what have I achieved.......... not much for myself........... the heat........... how I hate the heat....... I actually hide from the heat.......... and this year, in reality, was a lot milder than previous years............ but I still hid from the heat - when I could.
lots of time spent with this little man

and this young lady - of to high school this year, turning 12 in a weeks time and spends way too much time looking at screens!!

the working men!

the little brother she doesn't have, and the big sister he doesn't have! - as usual this 'getting along' only lasts a short time just as if they were brother and sister, and they are looking for each other when the other isn't here!

heading out to feed the sheep after a day care - the grin is because he is going driving with pa-pa!

such an inquisitive little boy - loves sewing pins and sewing machines
the start of my mulching machines!

the first of the homes for the mulching machines. The plan is to have 3 of these moveable pens with chooks/chickens in them - move them each day and mulch with cardboard and straw as I move them - I just might get on top of this mulching drama and beat the weeds yet - at the very least I will have more eggs and fertilised ground! And yes I have put that pen together myself - in the 40 degree heat with the sticky flies as company!! Another one waiting to be done.
Summer - no feed on the ground

twice a day these are my best friends! - that is until the Lucerne hits the ground then I am forgotten - hopefully some temporary yards being put up today and the paddock sewn down tomorrow with some sort of green feed for them

Now this is what 'wasted space' looks like!! he terrorises the big horses, will have a 'testosterone battle' with any male of any sort and he doesn't even reach a metre in height - of no practical use what so ever - a typical 'little man syndrome' specimen!! And he doesn't even belong to anyone within these four wall - he is my DIL4's. Ah well he does give me a laugh when the big horses are galloping around the paddock and he is trying to keep up with them - an impossible task mind you - he meets them half way up the paddock on their return gallop!!
two of my other friends - we would be living in a jungle of grass and weeds without either of them. I don't mind sitting on the mower - good thinking time - great feeling when you look over the completed area. Not so in love with the mulching but it does give a feeling of accomplishment when an area is finished - hasn't happened a lot this year. Cooler weather now so maybe a little more will get done especially with the mulching machine chooks in action!

Early mornings and late afternoons have been spent watering, watering, watering - and there have been results.

flowers here and there which does make a mess look a little bit less of a mess.
Below you can see the fruit trees in a sea of damned roly poly - a burning job in April; 
the easiest thing to grow here are doing really well - cathead!!! just wish they were something that brings in hesps of money - I would be a millionaire!!! Self sown pumpkins - going great guns with very little care!
Back in January when I lost my mind for a few days (because there is no other reason that would make me do it) I actually bought trees and shrubs from a nursery that is closing down (great specials - less than half price) - they of course were root bound and in dire need of planting ot - but in the middle of our summer - jeez Kerrie where was your brain that day - left it at home did you. WELLL....... I planted them out, mulched them up and watered them every damned morning and GUESS WHAT - they have all survived - three cheers for me!! Now to just get them through the first winter and the frosts and they should be good!!

Crab Apples, Gingko tree and magnolias - yep my brain was replaced by rocks that day - but the magnolias are actually surviving well.

I gave up on the vegie garden - sad derelict site it is - starting to work on it now for the winter vegies; the basil however has done really well.

some preserving continued when I was hiding from the heat - gave up after a while as I had a year of failure - bottles were not sealing - I have enough to last me through until next year - hopefully will be better organised and set up and have more success next year!!
Yesterday was mum's 84th birthday ( and the Sydney harbour bridge's 84th birthday - thought you could do with a little bit of trivia). The photo above was from 2 years ago - she does love her ice cream and anything sweet! My sister and I took her to lunch at the local Leagues Club. She loves going somewhere for a meal. She has probably forgotten about it today but it was nice to spend the time with her. We see her everyday but 84 is special and we know we are fortunate to have her here with us still.
So that is where the last 10 weeks has gone - no craft or sewing, occasionally I have crocheted a row or two on my blankets - but nothing else creative. The weather has taken a turn to the cooler side which is wonderful - so although there are still busy times outside there will be more time to actually feel like doing some sewing etc.
I have been reading everyone's blog posts - but not commenting - I now have a new laptop and fancy schmancy internet thingy so hopefully that will encourage me to make more comments and posts - internet was so slow and computer would shut don for no reason except that it is old and had it.
Until later in the week when I do my next post - take care and have a fabulous week!!


  1. Hi Kerrie I enjoyed reading your post,it gave me a few chuckles,boy the kids have grown,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

  2. So lovely to read about your summer Kerrie... well done with the trees, they're showing gratitude for you saving them from their pots!

  3. What a fabulous post Kerrie... You certainly have been very busy over the past 10 weeks.. You've done such a great job of keeping your garden growing and the kids sure are getting the photo of the little fella in his artist apron and sitting in papas truck with a big smile...

  4. Great post Kerrie. I'm a bit like you, having a quick look at blogs but not commenting. I haven't really been doing much stitching either. Have a great week. Hugs, Christine xx

  5. Busy, busy! Great pics Kerrie!

  6. You have definitely been busy. It is amazing how quickly time seems to fly. Today is the first day of Spring here and things are trying to get warm. I hope to plant a few things soon!

  7. Happy Birthday to your dear Mum! My dad loves icecream (tiger tail/licorice) and chocolates ;)
    Gosh it's dry there in summer! Glad everyone is doing well, especially the kids. They look like they enjoy their time helping you out with the chores. My kids are glued to their screens too and I hate it. This summer my son has been hired at a wilderness outfitting store far up in the wilderness ... NO internet access :D It's nice to hear from you again Kerry. Enjoy this cooler weather. We had a dusting of snow this morning and it's dropped back to -4C ... and yesterday was the first day of Spring!

  8. What a nice, newsy blog post. The heat certainly saps the life out of you. At least in the cold you can add more layers. You've done well to keep your garden ticking over. Here's hoping the chooks do a great job and provide heaps of eggs. Nothing better than fresh laid eggs. Looking forward to more posts now it is cooler and there mightn't be as much to do outside.

  9. Time flies when you are having fun hehehe. Great times with your grandues. Love your chook tractor as we permaculturists call them. Our tomatoes are on the way out as are our cucumbers. Pumpkins starting to grow. Great puc of your dear mum. My mum is 83 in Nov and she had emergency surgery a few weeks ago which was a
    quite a shock to us all as she is never ill. Lucky to still have her with us. As you well know, time is precious for us all. Angel hugs.

  10. A great post to catch up on ... lots happening. You've got my mind ticking over reading about your mulching machines.
    Looking at your dry paddocks makes me appreciate the green grass around my home even more ... the first summer we've had green as we've been lucky to be under a storm here and there.
    Oh for some good soaking rains, pleasant temperatures and reliable technology for everyone xx


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